Article Guidelines

Article Guidelines

  • Title of your work, preferably one that contains the names of the main fighters in the article.
  • We will not consider previously published articles. We ask that any article published on Ringnews24 stays on Ringnews24 and does not feature on other websites.
  • Proofread your work thoroughly, as typographical and grammatical errors distract the reader. All major word-processing software packages contain tools to assist with this, so an excess of avoidable mistakes and sloppy composition will lead to your submission being rejected. This will not create a favourable impression and may hinder your chances of joining the writing team to cover live events on behalf of the site.
  • Word count is completely open – write as much as you feel is necessary to cover the topic. Your article will be edited, and may be trimmed or additional information may be added as necessary by one of our editors.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS, even for titles.
  • We’re open to almost any type of boxing writing. Specifically, we’re looking for original work with fresh ideas with strong, clean, concise writing. We want to see pieces that readers will think about, after they’ve finished reading them.
  • All article submissions must come with a horizontal photo, please get photo credit/permission from the photographer/source.

How to submit your work

Please Click Here for information on how to submit your work.

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