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I am the joint owner of Ringnews24 and the KO Boxing Forum, I am 33 years old and come from Scotland, UK. I love watching and talking boxing with fans, and members can find me on Ringnews24’s KO Boxing Forum under the username the_budweiser.


I am the joint owner of Ringnews24, I am 40 years old and come from Wales, UK. I cover boxing from ringside, in South Wales, for Ringnews24 and Boxrec News. I am a boxing addict and follow the sport religiously, and members can find me on the Ringnews24 boxing forum under the username WelshDevilRob.

Corey Quincey


I’m a writer and editor for I have been a fan of the sport of boxing for around twenty five years. I enjoy going to Vegas for a lot of the big fights. I don’t have any particular favourite fighters. I just love the competition between them.

Gav Powell – View Profile

My name is Gav Powell and I live in Hull, England. I enjoy reading daily boxing news and interacting with members on the Ringnews24 boxing forum. I follow boxing worldwide and particularly like watching overseas boxing. My all time favourite fighter is Erik Morales

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Eric is well known in the boxing world for his extensive round-up of world boxing results, detailing key action, from the last seven days.


Victoria Villa


Daniel Vano –

Born in the East End of London, I graduated from Queen Mary University in London with a 2:1 History Degree back in 2011. Since then I have interviewed boxers from all walks of life, including former world champions and those just starting out on their journey. My favourite current boxers are Carl Froch and Manny Pacquiao, but I consider myself a history buff, and can appreciate the likes of Ezzard Charles and Bob Fitzsimmons. For latest boxing news, follow @dvano1 on twitter.

Scott Graveson – View Profile

Rachel Aylett – View Profile

Paul Gibson – View Profile

Richard Quiñones – View Profile


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Boxing Photographers George Jimenez, Ciaran Gibbon, Pepe Rodriguez.

Other Andre Courtemanche, Mario Serrano, Bob Trieger, Nicholas Sampson, Gianluca Di Caro, John Hannen, Fred Sternburg, Gary Reilly, Frank Bleydorn, Chris Walker , Pepe Rodriguez, Johnny Beyrooty, Mario Ortega, Fegatilli Boxing, Amir Rashid, Bernie Bahrmasel, British Boxers, Callum Copp, Chris Murray, Chris Strait, Clinton Van Der Berg, Darren Barcomb, Glynn Evans, Jack Sumner, Kevin Davies, Kevin Rooney Jr, Lisa Rollins, Marc Abrams, Matt Yanofsky, Michael Parente, Michael Wilson Jr, Nancy Rodriguez, Nicholas Sampson, Peter Mann, Sherry Francis, Terry Lane, Thomas Tsatas.

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