Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko: Keys To Victory For Both Men

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Anthony Joshua seems to be pretty intent on destroying Wladimir Klitschko when the two meet in Wembley, London on April 29th in a fight that is sure to reach a maximum capacity of the stadium’s 90,000 seats, a sure fire record. The previous record was set by Carl Froch when he faced George Groves in their anticipated rematch at a capacity of 80,000, something that the former super-middleweight champion will always cherish since he hung up the gloves in 2015.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Joshua said: “Come the night I have to be a killer,” said Joshua via “If you are not a killer in this game, you get eaten alive I’m like a tamed animal – until I’m let off the leash in the ring.”

Anthony Joshua destroyed Eric Molina in his last title defense.

Coming from somebody who has had less than 20 fights, it is probably expected that a boxer would be a little too in love with power and knockouts rather than simply obtaining a win. However, just winning is something that the gold medalist has to learn in time. Just not against somebody as experienced and seasoned as former Ukrainian champion, Klitschko!

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For the IBF champion to gain victory, he will have to make power less of a priority and focus on things such as distance and timing. Klitschko loves to clinch when his opponents get too close, but as Tyson Fury proved that can be nullified by maintaining enough distance in order to prevent him from doing so. Lateral movement is another key while using the jab and throwing shots from afar.

Tyson Fury’s long jab and mobility gave Wladimir Klitschko problems.

Klitschko found it very frustrating when Tyson Fury was able to employ these tactics against him, which also was able to damage his face to a degree by the end of 12 rounds. Fury’s height also played a key part since Klitschko struggles with controlling opponents who are equal or significantly taller. Joshua is approximately 6 ft 5 inches, roughly the same as the former champion. Still, that should be ample enough.

The main issue for Anthony Joshua is his natural lack of foot movement. He tends to walk straight on, almost robotic like, and that is something that Klitschko can capitalise on if he has not been working on this in the gym. There have been stories in which sparring partners such as Michael Sprott have stated that even Joshua’s jab is very hurtful. And taking into account Klitschko’s lack of punch resistance, maybe foot movement will not even come into it should power be enough to take care of things.

Will defeat to Tyson Fury dampen Wladimir Klitschko’s confidence?

But looking at it from a scenario in which it will take more than that to deal with him, Klitschko should use his mobility and jab to frustrate Joshua over the course of the fight and land his right hands upstairs when he has an opportunity to do so. Dillian Whyte proved that Joshua can be susceptible to big rights when they fought two years ago and that will always be the danger punch that the Englishman will need to watch out for should he be within range!

There are many variables that make Joshua v Klitschko a mouth watering heavyweight title contest. Many “what if’s” should, and are thought of by fans and critics, alike. Does experience matter? Will Wladimir Klitschko’s age be a factor? Will power all that will be required to settle things? Those are just a few questions among others which makes this fight something that shows you what boxing is all about.

Will David Haye be in line to fight the winner?

Credit should go to both men for stepping up to the plate. Anthony Joshua for facing somebody that has been there and done it all, and Wladimir Klitschko for facing a prime heavyweight champion at the most dangerous phase of his career.

We can’t wait!


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