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The fight we have all wanted, all been waiting for, is not only going to happen but it is now just a month away. The whole world now waits; counting down the days till the dubbed ‘Money Fight’ takes its place in history as the face of the UFC takes on the face of boxing. Mayweather will have the chance to go 50-0 while McGregor has the chance to prove he is one of the best fighters on the planet and shut up his haters.

At the end of the day, the financial gain the two gains from the fight, none of them will ‘lose’ but some have more at stake than others. Mayweather has boxing’s credibility and reputation on his shoulders as well as his own. This is a massive risk that Floyd has signed up for with the consequences for a loss being devastating. A loss will dent his image completely and leave the world questioning the entire credibility to boxing leaving people thinking of this very fight as a reference to the whole of boxing. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, there are a lot of boxing fans joining the massive list of people already hoping Floyd loses the fight, despite what’s at stake for the sport.

Mayweather, in the end, will use his stamina, incredible defensive skills and his experience to overcome McGregor with a win by stoppage. The fairy tale that would come from a McGregor will have to be put on hold on whether or not the two take up a rematch. Floyd has taken on the best from his era with not one person stopping him. If you put Canelo verse McGregor in a boxing match, there can be only one winner by far and that is very obviously Canelo and if you look at his fight versus Floyd, you would have no doubt at all in stating the winner outright as Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

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McGregor will make a good account for himself and I do actually predict him sending Mayweather down to the canvas once in the fight early on but that’s as good as it gets for the Irishman. People claiming punchers chance are not wrong and he will connect killer punches a few times due to his hunger, unpredictability and the pressure he will start to put Floyd under early on before Floyd can find his groove. Any chance of a McGregor victory lies in the first 4 rounds and Mayweather will be especially careful between round 1 to 4 before playing with his opponent. Floyd will wait for Conor to be hanging off his last breath before unleashing a big combination that will put McGregor down and this will be around round 6 but Conor will get up and hang on till the end of the end of the round. Floyd will not go easy on McGregor in the 7th, giving him hell but Conor will battle through, scraping it to the 8th round. At this point, everyone attending the fight and all the people watching PPV around the world will now know McGregor’s only chance is to knock Floyd out but Conor will get countered and then dropped. The referee will have no other option than to end the fight.

I fully expect at least a single point deduction for each fighter and the most likely reason will be punches to the back of the head, low blows or fighting after rounds. The fight will be an absolute war of dirty and scrappy fighting. One thing I guarantee is both fighters will call for a rematch straight after the fight and all the rumours, gossip and speculation we have gone through for the past year or so, will all start over speculating a Floyd Mayweather versus McGregor rematch.
Breaking down, round by round the way I see the fight going is as follows:

Round One

Both fighters will initially start slowly to get a feel for each other with Conor McGregor experimenting a few different punches but landing just a few, stepping back every time to avoid counter punches but gets hit on a few occasions. One minute in, I predict Conor McGregor will up his pace and speed to catch Floyd off guard eventually pushing Mayweather to the ropes and I predict Conor throwing a lot of punches without connecting any at this point and tiring himself out a little. Floyd will start to punch and grab as soon as Conor’s catching his breath and I believe this will completely back fire on Floyd as Conor has trained clinches his entire life and I controversially believe McGregor will catch Mayweather right off the clinch and put Mayweather flat on the canvas in the very first round. Mayweather gets up. Conor now comes in looking for the KO but will not find then the round will end. McGregor up on points at this point.

Round Two

I think McGregor will come out how he left off in looking to find the KO with Mayweather evading some heavy shots before he goes back to the punch and grab style, this time with a lot more success. Both fighters will go on to spend the rest of the round being careful of over committing. McGregor tries to pick off a few shots and starts to experiment again, trying to break down Floyd’s defence but fails in doing so. I predict McGregor does eventually find a way through but is stopped by the end of the round with Mayweather coming out on top for the round.

Round Three

Both fighters will be coming from their corners acting cautiously again and take it slowly to avoid getting caught before Floyd starts to gets his rhythm. He will be blocking 90% of Conor’s shots and trading some decent counters with McGregor keeping the pressure heavy by testing Floyd’s reactions and defence, he will continue to work at breaking Mayweather down and find weaknesses but isn’t able to find any. Floyd to go on top on points by with the third round going his way.

Round Four

The last round before McGregor’s prediction of winning by KO becomes invalid and he will use this to play mind games on Floyd with faints and weaves, making Floyd a little uneasy but eventually, he will overcome this and begin to get his rhythm back in time to win the round.

Round Five

Conor McGregor’s low stamina will start to show at this point and Floyd will feel more and more comfortable in the fight, therefore, takes full advantage by throwing combinations in small, short bursts all throughout the round. I believe this round; McGregor will be cautious and not do a whole lot this round.

Round Six

Floyd come out with his small bursts of punches before sending a few sharp hooks will send McGregor falling to the canvas early in the round but McGregor is back up to his feet. He will spend the rest of the round looking for the KO but Conor will show heart and hang on.

Round Seven

Conor will remain to hang on for one the whole seventh round but Floyd will be looking to wear his opponent down further, knowing it is only a matter of time before he can end the fight completely.

Round Eight and the final round

At this point, I predict it will be more obvious than ever that Conor McGregor does not have anything left in him to keep the fight going any longer and it will show to be a complete miracle if he was to make it to the end of the round, let alone the end of the fight. Now Floyd will be cutting off the ring before throwing a fast combination that eventually stuns McGregor before dodging and countering a punch from Conor that drops the Irishman. The referee will end the fight leaving Floyd the winner and getting his 50th victory from as many fights and proving to his doubters he is one of the greats of boxing.


Floyd and McGregor will put up a great show that will be cemented in sporting history and becoming a reference point all boxing and UFC conversations. Floyd will battle to find his rhythm in the first few rounds with Conor proving to be a tough competitor under Floyd gets deeper and deeper into the fight while McGregor loses his stamina and drops off. It is that moment that it becomes painfully one-sided for the remainder of the fight.

I believe Floyd will still be slammed no matter how the fight plays out due to him not meeting the standard that is being expected from him. The crowd will most likely be heavily dominated by chanting McGregor fans that will create a unique atmosphere.

I hope that both fighters show respect for each other after the fight but that is doubtful. And I am excited to see any potential fights in the future in the world of boxing between a UFC fighter and a boxer.

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