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Ever since the announcement of the fight becoming a reality, the whole world has gone crazy, discussing all of the possibilities the fight may bring. Whether it’s McGregor getting disqualified for using illegal kicks, or if they touch gloves at the start of the fight or if the fight breaks the pay-per-view record of 4.4 million set by the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015.

Floyd Mayweather is unsurprisingly the bookies favourite to win the fight and that would be the safe bet but there are a few outside bets that everyone should consider taking the risk on. There are few shouts for this upcoming fight that could make you a quite a bit of cash.

My bets & my recommended bets:

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Personally, I will be having quite a few bets on this fight with a few different bookies. With Sky Bet, I will be the ‘Request-a-bet’

One of the bets I am stuck on is the Sky Bet ‘Request-a-bet’ special at 100-1 that I can see happening is Conor McGregor getting knocked down in both rounds 3 & 4 with Mayweather winning the fight between rounds 5 & 7.

Another bet worth considering is whether or not you think McGregor will get a point deducted and Mayweather to win by KO or TKO in the 4th round, if you think this will be the case, it will land you a cool 60/1 at Sky Bet.

Over at Coral, you can get 4/1 on Floyd Mayweather to get knocked down, a few quid could get you a tidy little sum also on Coral you could get Floyd to win the fight within 8 rounds at 12-1 which is pretty decent odds and definitely worth a tenner. Some other bets I’ve gone with are Floyd to be knocked down & win the fight at 7-1 with my £10 potentially returning me £80 and also, I have cheekily put a pound on McGregor to get a point deducted at 3-1.

McGregor’s Corner to throw the towel in before the end of the fight is at 8-1 but I consider this a little unlikely.

Here are some of the craziest and interesting prop bets.

Touching Gloves?

If the press conferences showed us anything, it is that McGregor and Mayweather don’t like each other. The constant disrespecting, intimidation tricks & mind games that went down on their press conference tour that took them to 4 cities from 4 countries was crazy. With that in mind, it not so far-fetched to think they won’t touch gloves, right? You can bet yes (-225) or no (+165), but neither side offers insane value. I believe Mayweather has always been more respectful than McGregor, especially post fights and even more in training where he knows every opponent is a contender.

Fight not even taking place?

This one would be rather disappointing but you have got to prepare for all outcomes. It’s possible one of the fighters pick up an injury leading up to the fight or one of them just pulls out for whatever reason and with +350 odds for the fight to be cancelled, it could be profitable.

Betting on their twitter activity?

Rather an odd one but you can bet on the quantity of the tweets from Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor for all of August, combined at Over/Under 40.5 at –115 or who is Individually more active McGregor -160, Mayweather +130. The two could easily surpass over 40.5 tweets but I doubt Mayweather will be the most active, even with McGregor’s mysterious disappearance from the 26th and onwards!

Rematch in the octagon?

To me, this one is the craziest. What does a 40-year-old (41 when the rematch would take place,) who has never trained a day of mixed martial arts in his entire life, have to prove? Especially not a man who was two years retired in his own sport. The whole idea is ridiculous to me but you can get Yes in favour of the octagon rematch with it at +800 for it to happen.

Rematch in the boxing ring?

Seems a little more likely than the octagon, due to the fact McGregor is so much younger and at least has the understanding of the sport of boxing. I can see a rematch taking place if certain thing plays out throughout the fight such as if somehow McGregor wins, there will definitely be a rematch or if Mayweather’s win wasn’t convincing enough. There are +250 odds for a rematch to take place.

Pay-Per-View buys?

One of the biggest talking points, when the topic of every Mayweather fight is the PPV, buys and whether or not he will beat his own records and with his fight with McGregor, it’s no different. People are fully expecting this fight to set the new record which is held by the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight in 2015 with 4.6 million. You can get the PPV to be broken at –270 and the record not to be beaten by this fight at +215.

How many times will Conor McGregor bring up Floyd Mayweather’s domestic assault in social media before August 26?

Surprisingly, to my knowledge, didn’t mention this at the press conferences but it’s likely he will start to hail all sorts of shades at Mayweather, including mentioning this one but I doubt more than once. Under 1.5 social media mentions is at +155 with over 1.5 mentions at –185.

Will either fighter test positive for performance-enhancing drugs?

There is not a chance that this one will happen as neither fighter needs to or would want to risk a big pay day like this one promises to be plus both fighters are not stupid and they both know there is no salvaging their careers after that. Yes +300 No –1100

McGregor to use MMA moves?

I believe there is no way the Irishman will not use any of his natural mixed martial arts moves, not even as an instinct reaction as there are contract clauses in place to stop him receiving his money as well as the instant disqualification the odds are low due to these reasons previously stated and the fact he would have been training boxing since his last fight and would have gotten the disciplines on lock.

According to stats, 52.73% of all outright winner bets have been in favour of Conor McGregor, 33.59% on Mayweather and the rest of a draw between the two fighters which isn’t that surprising considering the odds-on Mayweather have so little return, most people are probably not wasting their time.

Will Conor McGregor do the “Billionaire Strut” during his walkout?

McGregor first unveiled the now-famous walk before his rematch with Nate Diaz and it blew up all over social media with A-listers and pro sports athletics getting in on the trend. You can grab this with the odds sitting at – Yes –225 No +165.

Will either fighter be warned for a low blow?

Mayweather has been no stranger to both, dealing and receiving low blows in his career so it’s not far-fetched to think he or even McGregor will get a warning for a low blow. Yes +140, No –190.

Will either fighter have a point deducted by the referee?

This one for me is a sure thing. Whether it’s fighting the rounds finished, a low blow, back of the head shot or however, it’s bound to happen sooner rather than later in the fight so it might be worth considering this one at Yes +210, No –320.

Knockdown props –

I personally believe both fighters will be knocked down in the fight in what I fight will at times, be a sloppy fight. To Be Knocked Down – Floyd MayweatherJr 7/2 and I believe this will be a solid counter from McGregor straight out of a clinch with Floyd’s feet betraying him as he tries to evade. Conor McGregor 4/6 – This can happen in many ways from straight knockout to fatigue to tripping over but it’s safe to say it will almost definitely happen as it’s unlikely McGregor could survive the full 12 rounds. To be Knocked Down and Win – Floyd MayweatherJr 6/1 with what I stated before, it goes without saying this is something I am going for. Conor McGregor 16/1 this could be 1600/1 and I still wouldn’t go for it as it is a wasted pound every time but if it is something you see happening, then it’s worth a tenner. Will both fighters be Knocked Down – Yes +600 again not much is needed to be added at this point as I have already stated my prediction of this.


This fight has sent the whole world into a betting frenzy with people dreaming up crazy outcomes in the hope of making some extra cash and I am a big part of this too. McGregor and UFC fans are heavy backers of their Irishman beating the unbeaten, 49- 0 fighter while the Mayweather and boxing fans seem to be keeping little quiet from the other side.

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