Interview | Joe Mullender on his IBF title shot; aims for British title You are currently 10-2 what are your thoughts on how your career is progressing so far?

Well, hopefully now, at the stage I’m at as the English champion, there will only be serious fights on the horizon, meaningful fights for titles and exposure. I’ve done my apprenticeship and just want to be on big stage now.

The way I see it is my career starts now. I’ve done all the hard work and now the world is my oyster.

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I always believed in my own ability so I knew I was good enough to compete at this level. Now, I expect to go a lot further. Do you always stay in shape between fights or do you put on a lot of weight?

Yes, always. I’m disciplined because it’s my job, I’m a boxer.

Also, you never know what lies around the corner, opportunities arise at any moment in boxing. It’s a lifestyle and I dedicate myself in the gym, twice a day, every day.

I don’t like feeling out of shape anyway, I feel horrendous. Who is the toughest opponent you have fought to date?

The first fight with Lee Markham, I had a broken hand and broken elbow on different arms! My left hand went in the fourth-round and I had an elbow injury before the fight and then that went in the fifth. It was my hardest fight to date, just getting through it, really. What would you say is your biggest win to date in the ring?

Beating Lee Markham in our rematch to lift the English title. What fight taught you the most as a boxer?

I’d say, looking back, it was the first fight with Lee at the O2 Arena just on how to handle a big title fight and big crowd for the first time.

Fighting at York Hall then going to the O2 Arena on one of the biggest and best arenas for boxing in the world. It was my first big title fight and venue, now I look back and I feel like I’ve been there and done that.

Just the arena when walking in and looking around and you’re not used to that scale. If you turn pro and fight there straight away then you wouldn’t know any different. I didn’t think it fazed me at the time but looking back it’s all good experience. Who would you like to fight in the near future?

To be honest, anyone who holds the British title. I’ve got no particular grudge against anyone, it’s just business at the end of the day, whether it’s Tommy Langford or Jack Arnfield, whoever’s got that title that I want. Are there any plans to fight for any titles soon?

IBF European middleweight title next. After that, British title is my next goal. Early next year, that’s what I want. Who is your dream opponent at your weight level?

I’d say Gennady Golovkin because he’s the best p4p fighter in the world right now. Just to fight him to experience it and because he’s got world titles. Most people wouldn’t even consider it but I’d love to fight him. Where would your dream venue be?

British fight, I would have to say Wembley. Under the arch with an open roof, it would be amazing. Anywhere in Vegas would be the pinnacle. What is going on with your boxing career now – can you tell readers when, where and against whom you will be fighting next?

My team are working on an opponent at the moment but it will be for the IBF European middleweight title in the London area in early November. Do you have a message for the fans?

Just to thank everyone who follows and supports me, can’t actually thank them all enough. Without that support, there’s no fights. If you don’t get any support then you don’t get the shows. It means the world to me because I’m just a normal bloke, a dad who gets in the ring and fights, really.

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