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The best new betting sites!

The best new betting sites! The chances are if you are into your boxing in a big way, which I assume you are as you are on this site, then you probably like to put your money where your mouth is and place a few bets on the best fights. We don’t blame you, who

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Quick & Easy Boxing Betting Tips

Quick & Easy Boxing Betting Tips For Maximising Your Wins You’ve done your research for the fight, you’ve chosen a bookie to place your bets with – but you might still be missing out on maximizing your boxing wins. Enjoy these quick and easy boxing betting tips – you might just make your money go

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Boxing betting to win

Boxing betting, like any other betting presents two realities: winning and losing. There are no shades of gray. You, either win or you lose, that’s the reality a better lives by. Some might say it’s presumptuous to claim that betting is motivated by the need to win, citing different reasons for betting; the love of

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Betting on Boxing

Many people will find that betting on boxing is only getting more popular these days. Boxing fans are going to have an easier time with watching boxing matches from all over the world. Sports betting opportunities in general are becoming more and more common, and people are getting the opportunity to really enjoy many different

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The Rise and Shine of the Social Gaming Phenomenon

The Rise and Shine of the Social Gaming Phenomenon A few years ago, “social” has become the Buzzword with a capital B. Social media, social marketing, social networks, and so-called “social” games have become the new trend. I say “so-called”, because these games have nothing social about them. Of course, you can ask your friends

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Betting vs. Gambling – Is There a Difference?

Betting vs. Gambling – Is There a Difference? Regulators and outsiders collectively refer to sports betting, poker, bingo, lotteries, and casino games as “gambling”. This wouldn’t be a problem in itself, but they also tend to regulate each of these the same way, which is a bit unfair to betting on sports and playing poker.

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MMA Championships and Transferrable Skills

Following his amazing submission triumph over Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, Chael Sonnen now has ahead of him a long list of intimidating opponents, all of whom are waiting to take the first chance they get to knock him off his high horse. Amongst his opponents-to-be, is mixed martial arts legends Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva.  There

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How to Turn your Knowledge into Money

How to Turn your Knowledge into Money You have a hobby, but you want to take it further. Finding out the latest details about your favorite teams, sizing up the competition and getting the inside scoop on trades all come together to create an impressive bank of knowledge. The question becomes, how can I turn

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