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7 High Profile One-Sided Fights

Mike Tyson v Michael Spinks ‘Iron’ Mike was cutting a swath of destruction when defending his heavyweight crowns during the mid 1980’s. By the time he was ready to meet former cruiserweight champion, Michael Spinks he had already fought globally, letting the world know what he was about. But simultaneously, Tyson’s personal life was getting

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Mike Tyson’s Legacy: Significant?

He was once known as the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet.’ He crushed everybody that was put in front of him during the 1980’s with a ferocious style that had not been globally witnessed since Jack Dempsey inflicted an insurmountable amount of pain on opponents such as Jess Willard and Luis Firpo. In 1986, Mike

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Jack Dempsey: Does He Deserve His Place In History?

Few heavyweight boxers held the fire and intensity within them as much as Jack Dempsey once did. Nicknamed ‘The Manassa Mauler,’ Dempsey had an unpromising start to his career when he drew with Young Herman in 1914 and eventually lost his 8th professional bout to Jack Downey. Still, he persevered and while he faced more

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Joe Calzaghe v Chris Eubank: A Look Back At ‘The Battle Of Wills’

Few super-middleweight fighters have possessed the skill and dazzling hand speed that Welsh Joe Calzaghe once inflicted upon 46 men in the boxing ring. Former holder of the IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO titles, Calzaghe’s reign spanned over a decade. He made seventeen defenses of the WBO crown, his first title, before proving to the

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Welsh Boxing: Wales vs The World

Ringnews24 has, once again, teamed up with Dragons Boxing and TopClassBoxing to bring you an article on Welsh Boxing. In this edition, we are looking at some of the exploits of Welsh boxers against International competition. Wales has produced twelve men that have captured the World title (or a version of it). Percy Jones of

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Lewis v Tyson: 15 Years On

A Lennox Lewis v Mike Tyson bout had been debated many years before the two former champions finally squared off against one another on June 8th, 2002 at the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee in what was then the richest fight in boxing history. When Mike was released from prison back in 1995, West Ham

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10 Boxers Who Lived Up To The Hype. And Those Who Did Not!

Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson former mentor Cus D’amato once claimed that “boxing is entertainment.” Promoters would possibly agree, but they would also see boxing as a business given that their job is to sell as many tickets as possible to pay the boxers and everybody else involved in an event. Depending on the quality

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Jerry Izenberg’s new book, ONCE THERE WERE GIANTS

Of all the memories made in ballparks and arenas from California to New York, there was nothing to rival that magic moment that could grab a heavyweight fight crowd by its collective jugular vein and trigger a tsunami of raw emotion before a single punch had even been thrown. That’s the way it was when

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