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Boxing Is A Dying Sport? 2017 Would Disagree!

Whether you think that the experience and skill set of Wladimir Klitschko or the power of Anthony Joshua will prove that he will be the better man on the night of April 29th this year is exciting enough to think about. The fact that a heavyweight clash has gotten people talking about the advantages and

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4 Of Oscar De La Hoya’s Most Controversial Moments

Oscar De La Hoya is no stranger to taking harmful substances, and it seems that times are about to get tough for him once again when he was arrested recently for speeding while driving in a Land Rover. However, the speeding offence took a turn for the worst when he was tested for drink driving.

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The Greatness of Jimmy McLarnin

Twinkling eyes and a pink-cheeked baby face buckshot with freckles, Irish-Canadian Jimmy McLarnin looked little like the hard-nosed boxer-puncher he was. It feels only natural to repeat the time-honored adage about looks here, but “The Belfast Spider” couldn’t be confined to a mention of deception from a mere physical look-over. His game was predicated on

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Boxing: The 1970’s v The 1980’s

Muhammad Ali once said to renowned trainer Angelo Dundee that he wanted to bring boxing back to the forefront after the sport had died down a little since the departure of the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Marciano as he was working his way up the rankings. We know how the sport of

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1958 A Blast from the Past- Part 3

A major difference between 1958 and the present time was the absence of any world sanctioning bodies. The only organisation with any pretence to that status was the National Boxing Association. It had been founded in 1921 by representatives from 16 US States but had minimal recognition anywhere else and would not change its name

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1958 A Blast from the Past- Part 2

In part one I set the scene for the state of boxing in 1958 and briefly covered a few of the differences between the sport then and now so I would like to touch on few more. One of the biggest was the existence in Eastern Europe and Cuba of a ban on professional sports.

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1958 A Blast from the past Part 1

I occasionally get someone asking me about how I started to write about boxing and although I can’t recall when I first wrote I can recall approximately when I first began to compile records of current boxers and that was in the late 1950’s. That started me thinking about what boxing was like in those

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