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Prospect Watch: Felix Verdejo

A Puerto Rican boxer-puncher with solid amateur credentials being guided by promotional outfit Top Rank. It sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Bob Arum is hoping that it isn’t just a coincidence and that Felix Verdejo emulates Miguel Cotto’s success as best he can, or preferably, surpasses it. That’s a tough road to follow, but

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Can David Price Rise From The Ashes?

David Price returns to the ring on Saturday as support to Chris Eubank Jr’s main event bout with Renold Quinlan. His opponent will be Christian Hammer, who overcame Price conqueror Erkan Teper in his last fight by a split points victory. The entire card will be held at the Olympia in London. The Eubanks caused

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Part 3 | Anthony Joshua resembles Cassius Clay

< Part 2 – Part  5  > Cassius Clay, otherwise known as Muhammad Ali and ‘The Greatest’ is widely known to be one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures in the world. Former trainer, John Oliver, sees similarities of Ali in Anthony Joshua. Speaking to, he added: “His desire, his desire for

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Boxing Is A Dying Sport? 2017 Would Disagree!

Whether you think that the experience and skill set of Wladimir Klitschko or the power of Anthony Joshua will prove that he will be the better man on the night of April 29th this year is exciting enough to think about. The fact that a heavyweight clash has gotten people talking about the advantages and

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4 Of Oscar De La Hoya’s Most Controversial Moments

Oscar De La Hoya is no stranger to taking harmful substances, and it seems that times are about to get tough for him once again when he was arrested recently for speeding while driving in a Land Rover. However, the speeding offence took a turn for the worst when he was tested for drink driving.

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Part 1 | The beginning of Anthony Joshua

Part  2  > Anthony Joshua was born the 15th October 1989 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. Joshua loved sports from a young age in particular basketball and athletics. He currently holds the record for sprinting. In year nine he broke the 100m record with a time of 11.6 seconds. Joshua’s cousin, Ben Lleyemi, was an amateur

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Legend Sugar Ray Leonard Discusses the Current State of Boxing were fortunate to be able to spend a few minutes speaking with the great Sugar Ray Leonard, and wanted to know his views on the current state of boxing. As always, Leonard was forthcoming and honest, and was very willing to share his thoughts on the subject. When Ray was fighting, most of the

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