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Asked by: the_budweiser

What are your plans for this year?

Your hardest moment in your boxing career, and why?

Who would you love to fight that you haven’t yet?

Hi lads, thanks for having me.
Plans for this year are first of all a move up to middle, the weights been killing me for a couple of years now but i’ve been getting away with it coz I’ve been winning early, so I think I’ll a lot better at middle. Want to stay as busy as possible and get back to where I was at light-middle as soon as possible.

The hardest moment in my career was when I lost to Scott Dixon. I nearly quit boxing because of it, and it was because I was so dedicated and knew I was abetter fighter than I had shown, and that in my biggest fight up to that date I had lost. As a young proud fighter it was soul destroying and it made me nearly quit, but my Mum and Dad and Wife (girlfriend at the time) really helped me get my head around it. But from a boxing point of view the person who really made me believe I was good enough to acheive things and I was better than I’d shown against Dixon was Oliver Harrison. He told me to trust him, and if I did he’d make me at least a European champion. If he hadn’t spoke to me that day I always wonder if I’d still be boxing now, so I owe him a lot.
The person I’d love to fight is Kelly Pavlik. He’s the world champ and can punch like a mule, but is predictable and beatable. Gotta aim at the top if you want to get anywhere near it.

Asked by: mofo2

Alright Jamie…What are your short term and long term career aims?

How far do you genuinely feel you can go to achieve them, and what part of pre-fight training does your head in the most?

Short term goals are to get back to winning ways and earn a shot at a world title, preferably against Pavlik. Long term goal has always been to secure a roof over my family’s head for the rest of their lives, and hopefully a few quid extra as well. If I can pay my mortgage off for my kids then I’ll be more than happy.

Asked by: bricktop89

Alright Jamie, do you reckon we’ll get too see you and Matt Maclkin go at it again? Made for a great fight last time.
Also, although the Rhodes fight didn’t go your way, it was a beauty of a fight to watch, you both can take credit from that!

Reckon me and Matt will end up fighting again at some point, but don’t know when. I’d take the fight next, but it would have to make sense financially, because what we went through that night didn’t match anywhere near what we were paid, so it would have to be worth my while because my missus has got enough to do without having to change my nappies and feed me for the rest of our lives!!  Yes the Rhodes fight was a great fight to watch, I even enjoyed it myself in a weird way watching it on fights of the year!! I think the reason I can watch it is because I know that there was a big factor in me losing. I felt terrible from the day before the weigh in and that never went away, even after the weigh in. It’s a horrible feeling to be in a World title eliminator and biggest fight and feel shite!! Even though I felt I was winning the fight I knew by how I was feeling that if I didn’t knock him out or stop him I was gonna run out of gas, coz I felt I had nowt BEFORE the fight!! That why I was on him all the time, pressuring him, trying to overwhelm him.

Kerry, Steve Wood, Oliver, Frank Maloney, EVERYONE was telling me to move up but I’d worked so hard to try and get a world title shot at lightmiddle that I wanted to stay there, get a shot, and then move up. But sometimes you can’t see what everyone else can, and it’s come back and bit me on the arse!! So basically I gambled and it didn’t pay off, but in a way I’m glad coz if I’d have won I’d have stayed at light-middle and been in line for a world title shot, and I feel I could have been putting myself in a dangerous position fighting at world level in that condition. Also if I was gonna lose I’m glad it was to Ryan, coz he’s a great lad and he deserves a shot himself, he’s worked hard and come back great.

P.S. bricktop i’m Mikey7 on eastside now, not mooresy, so i haven’t got your pm, but it is me anyway!!

Asked by: Matty

The best fighter you have sparred against?

Your favorite boxing venue that you have boxed in, and favourite you have been to but not boxed in yet?

Best fighter I’ve sparred is probably Ricky, he is technically better than people realise, and his pace is incredible.
Best venue has got to be the MEN arena, even though it wasn’t full the atmosphere was amazing, but my favorite atmosphere was at the George Carnell lesiure centre for the Macklin fight. Best atmosphere I’ve been at was Ricky’s fight at City of Manchester stadium. Absolutely unbelievable.

Asked by: mofo2

Jamie have you any thoughts on fighters being steered away from dangerous opponents, who in turn are then accused of ducking?

Amir Khan not taking on Maidana, Bradley or Paulie is probably the most current e.g he’s probably willing to fight….but for Freddie.

I think everybody is entitled to do whatever THEY want to do, and not be dictated to by ANYBODY. Having said that, if there was one ruling body in world boxing, as there is in other sports, then this wouldn’t be as big a problem as it is now. People would have to face certain people for THE title, or they didn’t fight for it at all. There would be no ‘well I’m not fighting him for that title but I’ll fight him for that title’. Me personally have a problem with my ego, I just can’t say no!! Good for the fans, but as was the case in my last fight, probably a bit silly as I was so close to a world title fight. Having said that I would have still moved up to middle anyway coz I can’t make LM safely anymore, but at least I would have been moving up with a win.

Asked by: leerhodes

I would first like to wish you all the best for this coming year. I am a Ryan Rhodes fan but was absolutly gutted when you lost as if anybody deserves a world title shot it had to be you. When do you plan to have your next fight, and are you in good shape at the moment now you are moving up a weight. Keep at it Jamie you’re a credit to the sport and I would love to see you as world champion.

Planning on fighting early April if possible, 10 rounder, then look at trying to get a big fight. Not got time to piss about now or I’ll miss the boat!! I’m back training now and feel great after a much needed break, but the only difference moving up will make is that I won’t have to lose an EXTRA 6lb’s, which when your cutting as much as me is a BIG difference. Thanks for the good wishes and I like your saying above about life.

Asked by: iamasadlittleboy

Do you feel you could, if given a chance, beat Sergio Martinez? Is there any fighter in history that you wish you could have faced?

I feel I could beat anybody at my weight on my night, and I’ve been trying for a fight with Martinez since he beat Richard Williams when I was first British champ. We got close to doing a deal with him to come over here, before I fought Rhodes and he fought Williams, but it never happened for one reason or another. Two of my heros are Nigel Benn and Marvin Hagler, and it would have been an honour to have been able to have shared a ring with either of them. And I’d loved to have sparred with Tyson….just to see how hard he hit!!!

Asked by: Gemmel100

Alright Mooresy. How would you feel about a fight with Darren Barker? Or are you past fighting at British level and looking at the world stage? Good luck for 2010, when are you next fighting?

Yes I feel like I spent far too long at British level at LM anyway so I have no desire to go back there at the mo. I’ve said in the past Barker is a very good PROSPECT and is going through his apprenticeship, but prospect is the apt word and they should calm down with talk of world titles until they get him some experience and he’s been in some testing fights, otherwise he won’t be ready. At the moment he’s like a trainee tradesman…..got all the tools but hasn’t learnt how to use them ALL properly yet.

Asked by: Matty

How much is your training different from training for a fight to keeping fit in between fights. Do you cut your days down? Iis there anything you do while training that other boxers don’t do?

Training when your not training for a fight is probably the same level as what the average person who goes to the gym would do. I try to train Mon-Fri and I’ll do 3 days boxing and 2 days in the cardio gym, plus I’ll keep with the weights with Kerry. The only thing I’d say we do that people around the world don’t do is ‘bar bag’, it’s a Manchester thing that was invented by Phil Martin at Champs camp in Moss Side and all the gyms in Manchester have them, but nowhere else.

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