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Boxing: Cruiserweight Bobby Gunn Will Take Aim at Ran Nakash

 Boxing: Cruiserweight Bobby Gunn Will Take Aim at Ran Nakash

Earlier this week, it was reported on Gardenstatefightscene.com that the proposed fight between Bobby “Celtic Warrior” Gunn, 21-4-1 (18), and Nigerian Cruiserweight Bash Ali, 66-14 (46), has been scrapped.

The fight, which would’ve taken place Feb. 27 in Africa, was already a bit unusual.

For starters, Ali has not fought in nearly six years, and he would be 54-years-old by the time the opening bell dings.


That isn’t a typo!

Gunn, who took the fight based on the financial reward and the opportunity to visit Africa, was aware that things were in limbo. More than two weeks ago, politics came into play as the powers that be in Nigeria placed a hold on the fighter purses for the bout.

As of last Saturday, Gunn was informed that the Nigerian government did not intend to lift that hold and ultimately, the fight was off.

The cancellation of that fight may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Where one door was slammed shut, another may be creaking its way open. Recently, rumors have surfaced about a possible matchup of Gunn and undefeated Israeli Cruiserweight prospect Ran Nakash, 22-0 (16). That bout could take place early as April in Atlantic City, NJ.

Gunn, who fights out of Hackensack, NJ, would enjoy the home court advantage if everything works out as expected.

Although his last fight took place in Newark, NJ, he didn’t quite have the support of the hometown crowd.

Not going into the fight at least.

That was last summer when he took on then Cruiserweight Champion and Jersey City’s adopted son, Tomasz Adamek, whose Polish fans turned out in droves to fill the Prudential Center to near capacity.

Adamek went on to score a fourth-round TKO victory, but many ringside observers felt the fight was stopped prematurely.

Gunn was overmatched, but he took Adamek’s best shots without flinching and continued to fight. Similar to Paul Malignaggi’s decision defeat at the hands of Miguel Cotto four years ago, Gunn turned in a signature performance in a losing effort and won over the hearts of many in attendance.

A short time ago, Bobby checked in with Doghouse Boxing to discuss the Nakash fight and his thoughts on the Adamek fight!

BE: Bobby, always a pleasure. In the wake of this Bash Ali thing, it looks like an even better opportunity has come knocking. What’s the latest?

Bobby Gunn: Well Brandon, I wanted to see Africa more than anything, it’s a beautiful place! But we didn’t want to be out there driving around for 24 hours not sure if I’m going to get my purse though. It ended up that it didn’t clear (his purse for the fight) so that was it.

BE: And what’s going on with Ran Nakash?

Gunn: We got offered to fight Ran Nakash a little while ago and we said we’d take it. They’re working out all the details now, I believe.

He’s 22-0 (16) but he never fought nobody like me, Brandon! You know if I fought a guy like Adamek who’s known for putting guys then what’s Ran Nakash going to do to me?

Adamek, all due respect to him, is a great fighter and a destroyer but he hit me with everything and couldn’t put me on my ass. I’m not worried about Ran Nakash.

BE: Back to Adamek for a moment, what do you think of him fighting Chris Arreola?

Gunn: I don’t know, Brandon, but it’s going to be a great fight and I wish him so much luck and nothing but good things in life.

Adamek is a great champion.

I was upset that our fight ended how it did but it isn’t his fault. I’m just saying, and this was on the very same day that the great Arturo Gatti passed away, if you would’ve stopped Gatti’s fights because of cuts or punishment, then we never would’ve got the chance to see how special he was.

In our fight, there were no knockdowns and the cut the doctor stopped it on only needed one stitch afterward! The better man won that night, I’m just saying as a warrior, as a gladiator, let me go out on my shield you know?

BE: Absolutely, a fighter at heart should be afforded that opportunity unless the situation is extreme. Wrapping up Bobby, what’s your prediction for Ran Nakash?

Gunn: Brandon, I’ll knock him out in five rounds!

He hasn’t fought anyone like me.

I’m the gatekeeper here so in reality he won’t beat anyone if he can’t beat me. And he won’t. I would just be over the moon to get that fight, or maybe work something else out with Bash Ali.

Neither of those guys goes five rounds with me.

No matter what anyone says about me without seeing me, I’ve done it the hard way and I fought for the real Cruiserweight championship of the world against the number one guy. That’s something that can never be taken away.

BE: Thanks for the time, Bobby. Always great talking to you and I wish you the best of luck.

Gunn: Hey, thanks a lot brother. Hopefully we’ll get this fight and we can talk again soon!