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New plan for amateur boxing in Grand Bahama

New plan for amateur boxing in Grand Bahama

By Fred Sturrup ~ NG Associate Editor ~ [email protected]:

Terry Goldsmith, the amateur boxing czar in Grand Bahama, has bought into an arrangement made between the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization (PACBO) and the Amateur Boxing Federation of The Bahamas (ABFB).

PACBO and the ABFB have been working together since 2006 to secure additional boxing activities for the nation’s amateur boxers. Also, as is a significant part of its mandate, PACBO solicits and provides equipment and sporting wear for amateur boxers in the region. Thus far, in The Bahamas, PACBO has hosted tournaments and presented equipment and sports wear to the federation to assist with its program.

PACBO also established an amateur youth club in Bimini and outfitted the new entity with equipment and sports wear. Now Grand Bahama is the focus for 2010.

Goldsmith and his YMCA Warriors Club has come on board.

The plan is to work with PACBO as it coordinates a series of dinner boxing shows that will have two segments. Outstanding Bahamian super featherweight professional Meacher Major has agreed to engage in the only professional bout at the shows. His bouts will be the feature event. Then, will follow the segment featuring amateur boxing matches. Goldsmith has agreed to provide the bouts. Other clubs in Grand Bahama, headed by Arthur Missick and Locksley Thompson, will be invited to get into the mix.

The PACBO effort is to help heighten the amateur boxing program in Grand Bahama. Goldsmith sees the additional opportunities for his boxers to engage in meaningful competition as an avenue that will better prepare them for regional and international tournaments.

“This can only help. There are a good bit of things that can be done here in Grand Bahama to help the program. If the corporate support can be gotten, I’m game and my boxers would love the chance to showcase their talents at home. It will be good also for the other clubs. It can be a rather nice situation,” said Goldsmith.

According to Wellington Miller, the federation’s president, 2010 will be the year of “higher aims.” He has orchestrated an excellent senior program that has produce three of the world’s finest amateurs, namely, Taureano Johnson, Carl Heild and Valentino Knowles. Johnson it is understood, is on the verge of turning professional.

Heild and Knowles are now the prize amateurs. Both recorded a really good 2009. Knowles made history by capturing the country’s first bout in a World Championships setting. Heild was the toast of Cuba, the world’s finest boxing training ground and he also captured a silver medal at the prestigious Independencia Invitational in the Dominican Republic.

Now, Miller wants to solidify a similar junior program to make sure that Heild and Knowles are joined by others this year. PACBO has committed its support. The proposed GB program that has the official endorsement of the federation, is a case in point.