Home Boxing News Kevin Johnson: “I busted Klitschko open!”

Kevin Johnson: “I busted Klitschko open!”


Press Release: Many of my fans have been wondering where I’ve been since my fight against Vitali Klitschko, so I just want to let them know that the Kingpin is back and looking to conqueror the heavyweight division in 2010. First off, most of you don’t realize that I suffered a torn bicep in the 2nd round of my fight against Vitali and still I was able to go the distance with a man who has stopped almost everyone that he’s been in there against. I make no excuses, my fight against Vitali wasn’t my best performance but I think that I showed that I belonged in the ring fighting for the world title. Vitali never laid hand on me, while I was able to bust him open. If I was at my best that night, who knows what might have happened?”

Since getting cleared to get back in the ring by my doctor last month, I’ve gotten back in the gym with a new training team to get myself back in tip top shape, and I can’t wait to show the world that I am still at the top of the heavyweight division. I’ll be back in the ring at the end of this month and  am looking for the toughest opponent that I can find. No tune-ups or bums for me. So to Alexander Povetkin, Odlanier Solis, David Haye, Sam Peters and all of the other contenders, when you guys are through fighting bums from the bottom of the barrel, I’ll be waiting to sweep you all out of the division. As always, I am looking to fight the best, bar none. To all of my fans, stay tuned, the Kingpin will be making a lot of noise in 2010. Check out my website at kingpinkj.com for all of the latest news about the kingpin, including my next fight.


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