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Warning to Nathan Cleverly

Tony Bellew is talking up a battle of Britain with rival Natahan Cleverly.

Liverpool’s light-heavyweight Tony Bellew has stepped up his pursuit of Wales Nathan Cleverly after winning the Commonwealth belt.

“When I get Cleverly in the ring I’m going to annihilate him, he’s not going to be the same after I’ve finished with him” said the confident 27-year-old Bellew, known as ‘Bomber’.

Unbeaten British and European champion Nathan Cleverly, 23, is seen as one of the hottest prospects in world boxing and is looking to move onto the world stage.

That is expected to happen sometime towards the end of the year, after the Cefn Forest man completes his maths degree at Cardiff University.   

Tony Bellew has his eyes set on hyping up an exciting battle of Britain with Nathan Cleverly, but the Welshman may have bigger fish to fry in the coming year, meaning Tony may have a long wait on his hands before he gets his dream fight against Cleverly.