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Statement by WBC on Wonjongkam-Kameda incident

The image of the sport of boxing has been during the past one which novels, movies and other have used as one of the lowest levels in society for all types of dramas. The WBC has struggled during a quarter century to change its image in what it really is, as an opportunity for the poor of the world to become sports heroes and live a life of dignity.

Therefore, those who act to tarnish its image, must be brought into the scrutiny of the rules of boxing. The WBC fully supports all the officers working in that fight for doing a very good work and extend its strongest support to JBC, where the organization has a lifetime vice president in Mr Hayashi as well as the WBC commissioner of the 2009 year Mr Tsuyoshi Yasukochi, also considered one of the best and most honest and efficient boxing commissioners in the world. The WBC will fully support the JBC in any action to be taken.

The World boxing Council has reviewed all reports from the WBC representatives as well as officials in Regards to the fight between Koki Kameda, Japan, and Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, Thailand, and confirms as unquestionable the victory of Pongsaklek, now the undisputed WBC flyweight champion of the world. 

All the WBC representatives reported an aggressive behavior by Mr Shiro Kameda after the fight directly against the WBC representative as well as against the Japan Boxing Commission, that became almost physical, which the WBC regrets and strongly disapproves, as it infringes the policies and rules of the organization in regards to acts that damage the image of the sport of boxing, as well as that of the Japan Boxing Commission and the World Boxing Council. This case will be sent to the WBC Disciplinary Committee for its review and corresponding actions, a hearing has been set for April 12-13 between the chairman of the WBC Disciplinary Committee and Mr Shiro Kameda in Mexico City.