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Edwin Valero – Future Tragedy Case?

It seems trouble has followed WBC Lightweight Champion Edwin Valero quite a bit in the past half a year or so.

The knockout king, who has a 27-0-0 (27 KO’s) record, was sent to a rehabilitation centre in his native Venezuela in late March after resisting arrest, threatening medical staff and assaulting his wife.

In September of last year, Valero tried applying for a license to fight in Las Vegas on the undercard of Pacquiao vs Cotto against Humberto Soto but was denied due to his being arrested for DUI in Texas in 2008.

Other such past problems, although they were not exactly in his control, included denial to fight in the States due to a motorbike accident suffered by Valero in 2001 in which he had to undergo surgery on his skull to remove a blood clot.

Accusations came in 2009 that he also assaulted his mother and sister but they were subsequently dropped.

Last week, on Friday, Valero was involved in a police chase and a traffic accident, just one day after being released from rehab after spending 14 days in there in a quest to rid him of his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

With his type of punch power and determination, as evidenced by his last fight against Antonio DeMarco when Valero suffered a severe cut very early but kept pounding his way to a 9th round retirement victory, Edwin has built a firm and fearsome reputation in the ring and he is a fighter whose career was thought to look full of promise.

However, his troublesome personal life has been a rude interruption to his followers and hardcore boxing fans in general.

I can happily say that I love watching Valero fight and would wish nothing more than to see him succeed in this sport we call boxing.

But when a fan of Valero’s such as myself, hear stories of him puncturing his wife’s lung, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth that not only did a boxer with strong attributes commit this vile act but just the fact that a human being could do such a thing!

Sure, there will be those who defend him, saying that the drugs had a big influence on his behaviour but I believe that we all have a choice and he had the choice to not form that night when he battered his wife by not touching what he had no business with in the first place.

We all remember the trouble that seemed to follow Mike Tyson in the mid to late 80’s and inevitably it all caught up with him to cause a shocking defeat in his career that he probably would not have suffered earlier.

Other fighters such as Scott Harrison chose a career outside of the ring consisting of drugs and alcohol and, unfortunately for him, his career is now effectively over!

Boxing and Valero fans are now fearing the same fate could be headed toward Edwin’s way.

I sincerely hope that he gets the help that he desperately needs, not just because of his exciting boxing career but to help him as a human being and to have a better quality of life for himself and those around him!

It will be a tragedy for boxing and his family and friends should Edwin choose to continue travelling down the same path and he will just become another promising talent who screwed it all up for himself due to his own stupidity.

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