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Edwin Valero – Destined For Tragedy

It takes a lot to shock me….it really does!

When my last article on Edwin Valero, citing his troubles outside of the ring, was uploaded onto the front page of RingNews24 on Saturday, less than than 24 hours later was Edwin arrested on charges of murdering his wife, Jennifer Carolina Viera de Valero, and no longer than 36 hours later was he dead!

I’m still trying to process the rapid succession of Edwin’s downfall. I cannot, for the life of me, think of a boxer whose life took that much of a sharp downward turn that so very quickly!

Reports are still a little vague as to what happened over this weekend.

Rumours have surfaced that Edwin was, again, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol on Saturday when he tragically stabbed Jennifer to death in a hotel in Venezuela.

And when Valero shocked hardcore boxing fans by hanging himself in his jail cell on Sunday, it leaves a lot of confusion, frustration and anger amongst them and probably for Jennifer’s family too.

I think it’s a little bit more clearer to see now that his path to destruction was in effect a lot more sooner than we all thought!

Being a fan of Edwin, I felt sickened by his self confessed act that he committed on Saturday and gone was any admiration that I had left for the man and the boxer.

There are a lot of mixed emotions amongst people, especially boxing fans, about how they feel about Valero’s departure from this Earth.

Some want to pay respects to his boxing abilities by posting tribute videos on social networking websites such as Facebook, avatars in people’s message forum profiles, amongst other ways.

Others have nothing but disgust for the man, stating that he was nothing but a coward for his actions.

That sickening feeling that I had after the news about what happened in Venezuela was replaced by just an emptiness about him when I learnt of his hanging.

I still feel that now!

Edwin was on the cusp of fighting top line fighters, his promoter Bob Arum, was working on trying to get him a license to fight in the United States.

Ten weeks ago he completed a 9th round win over Antonio DeMarco after being badly cut in the second round but Valero showed a champion’s heart to battle through and stop his opponent.

I am sure more questions will be answered in the coming weeks but I am not sure if they will be the questions the fans want answers to.

Unfortunately, the reality is now that Edwin Valero has already become a case of “what if” as far as his career is concerned. Does he deserve sympathy? The fans seemed to have already made up their minds about that.

My own personal view is that, right now, the person and family that deserves sympathy is Jennifer, Edwin’s wife, and her family. It is them that have lost somebody who was taken away without choice.

Edwin had a choice!

Sure, he may well have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but as I said in my previous article, we have the choice to not get ourselves involved with that. If Valero had a drug and alcohol problem that stems way back to whenever, he should have showed the same determination that he does in the ring, to overcome those problems.

My perspective is that Edwin Valero is no different to a man who is a typical wife beater besieged with substance problems and the guilt became too much and caught up with him in that jail cell. Of course, this is just my own take on this situation but whatever the case, a woman is dead and so is a boxer who had a promising career that was on the up!

Jennifer Valero and her family deserve our sympathies right at this time.

As for Edwin Valero….God will judge him!

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