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Who R U Picking? The Mosley vs Mayweather Preview

It’s almost time for the 2nd Biggest Boxing Spectacle of the Year when Shane Mosley defends his WBA welterweight title against himself.

“WHAT on earth are you talking about? Mosley’s fighting Floyd Mayweather this coming Saturday. It’s gonna be HUGE!”

Who R U Picking?

True that, true enough, but…………Mosley won’t be defending his belt against Mayweather unless there is a sea change in the WBA official position. All supposedly due to sanctioning fees, non-payments of same, and prickly egos. So, if Mosley wins, he retains his title, but if he loses, the title I guess would go into the nomenclature of WBA speak, “Recess,” until an eliminator can be fought to reclaim it.

The WBC has sent out feelers of the possibility of this fight being for the WBC’s freshly minted “Diamond Belt” that they awarded Pacquiao for his victory over Cotto, but nothing firm about that as of the date of this article. One supposes that Pacquiao would hold the WBC Super Diamond Belt with Mayweather holding the WBC Regular Diamond Belt, but I’ve learned there is no predicting the complex tiered system of championships each organization has in place for each division. 

I mention these things in advance of the actual preview of the fight, because this is an extremely complex affair as any Mayweather fight has evolved into over time. Two fights were cancelled just to cobble this fight together after one lawsuit filed against the promoter of this fight and both the fighters of this fight. That would be the defamation lawsuit filed by Manny Pacquiao.

More insidious complexities caused the cancellation of The Biggest Fight of the Year, the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout scheduled for last March. It would be a stretch to think all these complexities won’t play out in the ring come fight night, but hold that thought for a moment so we can look at the fighter’s acumen and talent.

Age: Mosley is 38, and Mayweather is 33. Result is an edge for Mayweather.

Size/Strength: Both are near the same stature with Mosley slightly bigger and a weightlifting background. Result is a slight edge for Mosley.

Speed/Reflexes: Both have good hand and foot speed, but Mayweather is the younger man. Result is slight edge to Mayweather.

Power: Mosley was a noted KO artist at lightweight as Mayweather was at superfeather. Result is an edge for Mosley.

Stamina: Both are traditionally in superior condition, and no change in recent training reports. Results are a draw.

Skills: Both with considerable offensive skills, but Mayweather noted as a defensive artist as well. Result is an edge for Mayweather.

Experience and competition: Both well experienced against excellent oppostion, but Mosley has had more and tougher fights, perhaps too experienced at this point, but he is way more experienced at the weight. Result is a slight edge to Mosley.

Ring Generalship: Mayweather the undefeated fighter and Mosley with 5 losses. Result is edge for Mayweather.

Corner: Mayweather listens to his own muse and his Uncle Roger cannot come close to matching the overall credentials and professionalism of Nazim Richardson who has arrived at this point in time with a considerable legacy still in ascendency: Result is an edge for Mosley.

Intangibles: Hard to know what motivates two HOF quality fighters late in their careers, but there is genuine animosity between them with the history of Mayweather wanting this fight many years ago, and then moving on to which Mosley then ran the gauntlet of desire. So they have arrived to this point in a simmering contrivance of convenience. Result is a draw.

Ring Rust: Both have it, but both are gym rats who never get out of shape. Result is a draw.

Outside distractions: Both are being sued by Pacquiao for defamation. Mosley is coming off a divorce with reduced finances and Mayweather’s tax woes are no secret. Mosley otherwise enjoys a relaxed southern California lifestyle, whereas Mayweather moved operations to Las Vegas where the Mayweather family continues to run afoul of the law that seems to be their preferred lifestyle. Results are a draw.

Just sewing up the preview by the numbers with draw=0, slight edge=1, edge=2:

Tally is Mayweather 7 to Mosley’s 6 pts. Result is a slight edge to Mayweather.

OK, you done good holding all those complexities of this fight in check that are just bursting to come tumbling out.

I agree with the result being a slight edge to Mayweather, but given the complexities which included money, legal issues, heated tensions, drugs. boxing politics, I’m not sure if there can really be said to be a true edge to this fight that would swing my betting if I were a betting man. 

So, me not being a seer, I make no claims to divine the winner, but the complexities will make a close fight closer, even really. Mayweather may still be in the driver’s seat as the higher ranked fighter of recent record, but I’m predicting a tough, ugly, hotly contested and controversial fight with officiating disputes before, during, and after the fight. The best fight of the night may come from Uncle Roger.

So, it’s Mayweather for me, and the rest of the writers to follow with their own predictions.


 Ringnews24 Writer’s picks

J Golden:- If Shane can replicate the form that saw him crush Margarito, Floyd could be in for a tough night. It’s more likely though that Mosley won’t be able to trouble Mayweather in quite the same way, Floyd’s defensive skills are in a different league compared to Margarito’s. At some stage Mayweather is bound to slow down, making him vunerable to a hard shot, but is it going to happen on May 1st? I think not. The likely outcome for me is a close but unanimous decision for Mayweather, after a great effort from both men.

J Hunton:- I see Mosley taking the first three rounds on work rate, whilst Floyd takes a step back and works him out. After that I expect Floyd to clean up just about every round to a wide UD, making Shane look old and showing the Margarito fight to have been nothing more than a good style match up for Shane.

Brooklynbrawler:- Given Floyd’s severe lack of opponents who can actually pack a punch, particularly from welterweight onwards, I’d like to think that there is a great chance that Shane can pull off the KO victory. Mosley also tends to save his very best performances for his biggest fights too – I think he can cope with Floyd’s speed and is not lacking in this department either. However, this is just on paper, and in reality few fighters have lived with Mayweather’s defensive skill. Even those who have soon find out that Floyd can change his tactics to leave them wanting again soon after. It’s difficult to see beyond a wide Floyd UD here, especially given Mosley’s recent long periods of inactivity and his age.

Lee Rhodes:- As much as I would like to see Mosley win, I think Mayweather has too much class and youth on his side. Me being the bookie would love a shock as I can see most of the money going on Mayweather to win by unanimous decision or a late stoppage. For me Mayweather will be on his bike for the early part of the fight trying to pinch the rounds with his speed and then come on strong in the later rounds. My verdict is Mayweather UD. 

Scott:- To be honest I think it will start out tough for Floyd, I think he’ll be tagged early and this will send him into an even more negative style than normal, though it’ll be in this shell that he out boxes Mosley with accurate jabs. Single punches then getting away, annoying Mosley through out the middle and latter rounds to take a points decision in a relative dull contest. Though expect Mosley to never stop trying to land the combo that could drop Floyd. I feel that Money will manage to avoid the most of them. Floyd UD

The Budweiser:- I think this fight is the ideal build up to the potential Pacquiao-Mayweather fight later this year. Mosley can cause Mayweather problems with his power, but I can’t see him landing many over 12 rounds against the defensive master Mayweather. With Floyd’s speed, power and movement, he’s going to frustrate Mosley and cause him to make many mistakes which Mayweather will capalise on. I can see Mayweather winning by a KO or wide UD.

Skav:- I think that Mosley will push Floyd to new limits that he has never experienced before. I believe Nazim Richardson will be a big influence in this fight for Shane, but I’m not sure if he can put his instructions into effect at this stage of his career, although I hope I’m proved wrong. I predict that Floyd wins a decision in a high tempo fight and then Pacquiao vs Mayweather will finally get serious!

Hurricane:- It is rare in a fight of this magnitude that the two most recent fights of both participants are so unhelpful when it comes to making an informed prediction. Mayweather’s wins over the a career Light-Welter in Hatton and Marquez who campaigned for the majority of his career at Featherweight, and Mosley’s wins over the strong but plodding and relatively crude Mayorga and Margarito serve no use for comparison. Although much has been made of Mayweather finally facing a legitimate Welterweight who can punch and box, Mosley no longer possesses the speed he had in his Lightweight prime and the shine is beginning to fade from the technique that served him so well down the years. Mosley may have bright moments, but overall I see Floyd dominating on course to a wide UD victory. Whilst I hope I’m wrong, this fight may well turn out to be the super-size version of Mayweather v Marquez.

Rob Day:- Who am I Pickin’? Good match-up of skills between two very talented fighters. There is a rivalry here but I sense mutual respect as both acknowledge the achievements of the other fighter. I think the fight will start very cagey with neither wanting to make a mistake. As the fight progresses I see Mayweather’s counter punching and defensive skills coming more into play. Five years ago this would have been a different fight, but it’s come too late for Mosley. Floyd Mayweather wins a close but Unanimous decision

Faulks:- I can’t see it going any other way than Pretty Boy Floyd on this occasion. Kudos for him taking the fight in the first place, but I expect him to be too quick and far too slick for Sugar Shane. Mosley is a great fighter, he has consistently been one of the best Welters for a number of years but I predict a UD for Floyd.

Roberto:- There comes a time in every fighter’s career when they are made to look old in the ring, they can’t seem to let the hands go like they used to, the speed isn’t quite there. I feel its going to be one of those nights for the great “Sugar” Shane Mosley. I don’t put this down to Mosley being 38 and past it, in fact far from it. I just think Mayweather will be too good for him at this stage of his career. I’d fancy Mosley to do a job on any other welterweight out there but I feel Floyd is simply gonna make him look old rather then Shane actually being old. I think Mosley will have success early on in the fight, possibly winning the first couple of rounds and landing a few bombs before Floyd starts to adjust, and picks Mosley off at will. Mayweather is going to use every single inch of the ring and have Mosley chase him down all night, and by the time the 8th-9th round comes, Mosley is simply going to be head hunting looking to land a lucky bomb that won’t land. Floyd will run out a points victory. Mosley is coming off an emphatic win against Margarito, but that was almost a year and a half ago, and Mayweather isn’t going to stand right in front of Mosley with his chin hanging out like Margarito did. Mayweather UD (117-112)