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A start of a new era in the Light Middleweight division

The light middleweight division in boxing over the past few years has been one of the most forgettable and boring divisions, rarely having a noteworthy fight. Though some how in just the space of a few weeks the division looks likely to completely reinvent it’s self and could well go from the dullest division in boxing to one of the more entertaining divisions with a host of prospective match ups as well as signed match ups.

In fact between 8th May and 5th of June the division will be thrown into the headlines time and time again, for various reasons. If your willing to go back to 24th April as well then you’ll have seen 7 of the top 10 on Boxrec fight in the space of just 6 weeks. Just to give a time line of those 6 weeks look below (numbers denote boxrec ranking):

April 24th Saw Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo (4) Stopping Joel Julio (41) in 11 rounds

May 8th will see:
Paul Williams (1) facing Kermit Cintron (2)
Antonio Margarito (unranked due to inactivity) face Roberto Garcia (13)

May 14th will see:
Sergiy Dzinziruk (unranked due to inactivity) facing Sherzod Husanov (33) (WBO Title Fight)

May 21st will see:
Ryan Rhodes (7) facing an as yet un-named opponent

May 22nd will see:
Bongani Mwelase (20) facing an as yet un-named opponent

June 5th will see:
Yuri Foreman (3) facing Miguel Cotto (5) (WBA Title Fight)
Vanes Martirosyan (8) facing Joe Green (28)
Pawel Wolak (25) facing James Moore (86)

Although Boxrec’s rankings aren’t perfect they are still good enough to take a snapshot of a division which is about to go through a very busy few weeks which will almost certainly see a massive change in the rankings. With the #1 and #2 and the 3# and #5 facing each other a logical match up would be the winners facing off. The #2 beat the #4 in a match up last year which may well see a rematch later this year but 2 title fights in 3 weeks is incredible.

Although the division will not see a definitive #1 in the division it will see the top fighters in a position where something like a “Super 6” would be possible, even with out a tournament it has plenty of natural match ups as well as pre-existing rivalries.

For example:
Antonio Margarito holds wins over Kermit Cintron (twice) and Miguel Cotto as well as a loss to Paul Williams. Cintron and Cotto may both feel they were cheated with revelations regarding Margarito’s hand wraps after his fight with Shane Mosley.

Cotto possibly “avoided” Williams in the past at Welterweight

Cintron holds a win over Angulo, as well as a controversial draw with Sergio Martinez (a man beaten by Paul Williams).

Although the division may not be as “hot” as the Super Middleweight division it’s hard to complain with the quality of Williams, Cotto, Cintron, Angulo, Margarito and Sergiy Dzinziruk. With the possibilities out there expect several of them to clash over the next 12 months that should see the division burning brightly. The Light Middleweight division may soon become the one to watch.