Home Boxing News Weigh-in results for Katsidis vs Mitchell (undercard results included)

Weigh-in results for Katsidis vs Mitchell (undercard results included)

Kevin Mitchell and Michael Katsidis weighed in on Friday afternoon in an event where the sparks were saved for Saturday at the Boleyn Ground, West Ham football stadium.


Mitchell had to strip naked but came in, without a hitch, at 134lb.

Michael Katsidis equalled Mitchell, also coming in at 134lb, minus the clothes shedding.

The two then followed up with the traditional staredown and Katsidis looked the more relaxed, smiling and looking like he was even having a good time while Kevin looked the more serious, even pensive as he waved to the crowd.

Derek Chisora and Danny Williams weighed in immediately after for their British heavyweight title fight in which Williams has repeatedly claimed to be his last!

Chisora weighed 244lb while the ever unpredictable Williams weighed 273lb.

James Degale came in right on the button at 168lb while his opponent, Sam Horton, weighed lighter at 166.

Finally, former Gold medal hopeful, Frankie Gavin weighed 144lb.

Despite the intriguing clash between Mitchell and Katsidis, it will be interesting to see how Danny Williams performs in his, supposedly, last bout.

Be sure to tune in to Sky Sports 1 at 8pm, Saturday evening, to find out!