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The clock struck twelve

As reported and expected yesterday here on FRANKSTEA.COM, Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not respond to Bob Arum’s “Deadline” nor did he publicly acknowledge it. 

Bob Arum held a media press conference on toprank.com last night at 3AM ET(12AM PT) in an effort to pressure Mayweather in accepting a fight with fellow pound for pound god Manny Pacquiao.  There was plenty of interest drawn into this publicity stunt, especially within the boxing world. The bulk of the interest was in the hands of Mayweather’s decision.

Fans of both fighters waited impatiently as the clock drawn close to the deadline. The decision we all hoped for was Floyd Mayweather busting throw in a press conference and saying he is going to beat the shit out of Manny Pacquaio on November 13th. That wasn’t the case, and I am not surprised.

At that point in his career, the undefeated (41-0) and undisputed king of pay-per-view shouldn’t have to be threatened by a deadline and with all good reason. He is the hottest ticket in the sport. Does this mean the fight is 100% off???????? NOPE!!!!!! Bob Arum mentioned that they will start beginning negotiations for Pacquiao to take on either Antonio Margarito or Miguel Cotto. Margarito is the first choice alternative but that all depends on if the California Athletic Commission reinstates him. That decision will be made sometime next week. There have been talks about Pacquiao/Margarito taking place in the middle east.  

So in the meantime, the deadline passed. Top Rank is looking at the two other options for Pacman, but that doesn’t mean Floyd Mayweather can’t sneak right under those negotiations and make the mega fight happen. I am just giving everyone as well as myself some hope. 

The safe bet for everyone is, don’t expect to see Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in a boxing until 2011.

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