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Dvd: Carmen: The Champion

Thank you, Carman and TBN, for making this wonderful movie. It was so good to be able to take my students to a movie and not have to worry about profanity, perverse/illicit sex, gratuitous violence,or glorification of hatred. Instead, we saw a family with problems that we have–division, the loss of a father, trying to hold on to dreams despite difficulties and the need for financial resources.

The setting is realistic. It is an inner-city area plagued with dope dealers who use children to make money, but inhabited by good people of all races trying to make a better life for their children and neighbors.

The acting is excellent. I have never seen the actress who plays Caesar’s mother, but she is beautiful and utterly believable as a single mother working as a waitress struggling to raise her son. The champion boxer is really a boxer, not an actor, and he adds a great deal to the movie.

We loved the scenes in the center, with people of all races worshipping, working and eating together; the African American police officer who works with Carman; the second chance given to a parolee who wants to help young people avoid the mistakes he made; Carman’s efforts to help a young boy who is going the wrong way.

But the movie is not a phony “sweetness and light” story. There is violence, but it is a natural part of the story. There is action: the fight scenes are very well-done.

The plot is involving and suspenseful. You will not be able to tell what is going to happen next.

The music adds to the movie. It ranges from traditional hymns to contemporary youth-oriented tunes such as “The Best-Kept Secret.”

I recommend that everyone of all ages see this movie. Not only will you enjoy it, but your support will help ensure that Hollywood gets the message: THERE IS A LARGE AUDIENCE FOR CLEAN, FAMILY-ORIENTED MOVIES.

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