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Days Later, We’re None The Wiser On What Happened

The camp of Floyd Mayweather — including Mayweather himself — has now weighed in on their view on what happened with the potential Manny Pacquiao welterweight megafight, and it’s not very illuminating. Incriminating, more than anything. But we still don’t have the whole story.

As I said over the weekend, though, missing the whole story doesn’t mean we don’t know the fallout. And it’s possible I underestimated that fallout. There are some boxing writers who would rather find the silver lining; there are some who’d like to ignore the fallout altogether, preferring to look at what is happening in boxing rather than what isn’t. I’m not that kind of boxing writer, because like it or not, Mayweather-Pacquiao is THE story in boxing — and the fact that it isn’t happening IS what’s happening in boxing.