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It’s time for Froch to put up or shut up


The sport of Boxing has had its share of trash talkers and cocky personalities. It started with Jack Johnson, the first black Heavyweight Champion who was a rebel against the boxing establishment. Then Ali took it to another level durring the civil rights movement. Further down the line came Larry Holmes, then Prince Naseem Hamed, Roy Jones and now Floyd Mayweather. One of the more recent over-the-top trash talkers is Carl “The Cobra” Froch, from Nottingham, England, AKA the home of Robin Hood. The thing that makes Froch unique is that although he doesn’t have the overwhelming talent of the other boxers I mentioned, he does have descent power, a good chin, and a ton of heart. With that being said, he won’t be ranked on anyone’s pound-4-pound list anytime soon.

This article is not meant to take anything away from Froch; he’s one my favorite fighters to watch. I was amazed at how hard he went at Joe Calzaghe when, at the time, he hadn’t done anything to deserve that fight. He even went as far as to say Calzgahe, a future Hall Of Famer, retired to avoid him. That takes some balls considering that he hadn’t beaten anyone of note yet. Then he beat Jean Pascal and people started to take notice. When it came time for him to fight Jermain Taylor for the WBC Super Middleweight title, I had no doubt he would win by KO. Taylor knocked him down early and was comfortably ahead going into the second half of the fight, but Froch regrouped from the knockdown and ended up knocking Taylor out in the 12th round. He looked like he was on his way to stardom.

Then came the Andre Dirrell fight, and that’s where thing started to uravel. Dirrell clearly outboxed Froch in front of his hometown crowd. Although Froch had his moments, the general opinion was that he lost the fight, but Dirrell ran so much that it made the fight closer than it should’ve been. In the post-fight interview, Froch gave Dirrell absolutely no credit and acted as if he didn’t see how anyone thought he could’ve lost the fight. That was the first chink in his armor that showed. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the most outspoken and best trash talker in boxing, but he never discredits an opponent after a fight because truly great fighters don’t do that. Froch’s next fight was against Mikkel Kessler, who had just come off a loss to Andre Ward. Leading up to the bout, Froch complained about the travel situation and the venue. He went on to lose a 12-round unanimous descision to Kessler. Soon after, he claimed that he was robbed and only lost because the fight was in Denmark. He then refused to fight anywhere but at home for his next fight.

That’s brings us to the present. He’s now set to face “King” Arthur Abraham in the next stage of the Super Six World Boxing Classic. For several weeks, the two camps had been at odds over the location of the fight. At one point, Froch even threatened to drop out of the tournament if the fight was not in the UK. It appears as though Froch isn’t the same old supremely confident fighter he once was. It was recently announced, however, that the fight will take place in Monaco, and while this is a must-win fight for both fighters, it’s definitely a put-up or shut-up scenario for Froch. We’ll see what happens.
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