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The good members of Budweiser Boxing forum submitted their picks for the Worlds Top 5 Middleweights. The voting was organised by member edsel77x.

Each week a new division will be chosen and the mebers will submit their Top 5. If you are not a member of the forum please feel free to join and post your picks in the topic.

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Here are the votes as submitted by the members.

1. Sergio Martinez

2. Paul Williams

3. Kelly Pavlik

Sergio IMO won the fight vs Paul Williams, albeit a loss it was a great fight and we are in for a rematch. Beat Pavlik in convincing fashion.
Don’t have to say much about P.W.
Pavlik is a great fighter who only lost to some of the best boxers. You status should not be diminished because of it.



1. sergio martinez (lineal, ring, wbc)
2. felix sturm (wba)
3. sebastian sylvester (ibf)
4. kelly pavlik
5. roman karmazin

commentary: karmazin fought close with sylvester, paul williams’ last fight was at 154, pirog is top 5-10 even though he has a major belt, pavilk lost bad to martinez and b-hop and had a disappointing title run but he still remains in the top 5


1. Sergio Martinez
2. Kelly Pavlik
3. Felix Sturm
4. Dmitry Pirog
5. Sebastian Sylvester



1. Martinez
2. Pavlik
3. Sturm
4. Pirog
5. Sylvester


Martinez beats any other active middleweight for me, so is fairly self-explanatory as to his no.1 position.

Sturm has beaten a good quality of opposition over a long period of time, including his “loss” to Oscar. I think he has been a little inactive of late to warrant no.1 position, but he is definitely up there and takes the no.2 spot quite comfortably imo.
Pavlik is a good puncher, and was head and shoulders above the rest of the guys in terms of profile and achievements for a while.
He has been found out a couple of times recently though, and his place in the top 5 is only saved by past achievements, and the fact that I think he beats the guys below him, or at least has a very good “punchers chance.”

Pirog is a very slick boxer, who I would actually tip to go onto better things. HAsn;t had that opportunity to step up to the next level, so cant put him any higher than I have at this point.
When he gets the opportunity, I think he’ll take it.

Finally, I’m not a big fan of Sylvester. His record of opponents is on a par with Chavez Jr, who is very much overhyped also, but I think if the two met, Chavez Jr nicks it. Neither of them will go beyond their current level by too much anyway imo.

Tommy O C

1. Martinez (self explanatory. hes proven himself as the man at MW)
2. Pavlik (He has struggled recently but still had a long reign atop the division and only has one loss at MW)
3. Sturm (His opposition may not be of the highest caliber but hes doing what he has to do)
4.Pirog (untested but he holds an alphabet title which is enough to get him in given the state of the division)
5. Sylvester ( This ranking is based on what fighters have already achieved which is why hes included. I think several fighters outside my top 5 would beat him)

I think on potential Golovkin would be in the top 5 but he hasnt done enough yet to warrant a place. I believe several fighters including Geale, Njikam and Macklin would all beat Sylvester given the opportunity. I also think Karmazin deserved the nod in their last fight.



1. Sergio Martinez
2. Paul Williams
3. Kelly Pavlik
4. Felix Sturm
5. Dmitry Pirog

I know Williams status is still as JMW, but I don’t think the win over Martinez can be ignored….and I also think he’d fare pretty well against the others.


Thank you to all who voted.

Next up the Jnr.Middleweights

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