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Older, Wiser, faster, stronger – Chisora-Sexton: The Rematch

The anticipated rematch between unbeaten Derek Chisora (13-0) and Sam Sexton (13-1) proved to be just as explosive as the 1st match-up between the two. The bout was contested with the Commonwealth and British titles both on the line, Sexton holding the Commonwealth and Chisora holding the British title, with the winner walking out of the arena with both titles to their name.

Many saw this fight as the one to prove who was the best domestic level fighter and who would be the next star to make the step up to the big time. Chisora had some impressive names on his resum̩ coming into the fight with the likes of Paul Butlin, Carl Baker, the man who stopped Mike Tyson РDanny Williams, and of course his opponent on the night Sam Sexton.

The first fight proved to be an extremely good advert for the domestic scene as it turned out to be a real good scrap between the two, ending in a big stoppage win for Chisora in the 6th and final round as he got Sexton on the ropes and launched a devastating attack, throwing combo after combo, only relenting when the referee jumped in to save Sexton.

This time around though Sexton was a completely new and rejuvenated fighter; faster, stronger, well conditioned and durable as he had proven twice against Martin Rogan.

The fights with Rogan proved to the world that Sam Sexton was more than capable of mixing it up with the best at domestic level, as he went over to Ireland, Rogan’s homeland, and wrestled the Commonwealth title from his hands, stopping him in the 8th round after a gruelling fight.

Sexton then proved his worth by going back to Ireland, for a 2nd time, to grant Martin Rogan a rematch, along with the chance to win back his Commonwealth title. This time though there was no doubt in anybody’s minds as Sexton gave Rogan a vicious beating forcing him to quit on
his stool at the end of the 6th.

The two were also the stand out fighters in the Magnificent 7 presser in the days leading up to it, trading insults and squaring off on stage, ready to fight there and then! To say the bout was eagerly anticipated and had got everybody’s juices flowing would have been an understatement!

Once fight night arrived both fighters looked cool and collected, ready for the task ahead. Chisora possibly taking the edge due to his naturally calm and confident demeanour.

As the bell sounded for the 1st round both fighters met in the centre and started trading blows, a sure sign of things to come.

Chisora was the better man, throwing plenty of sharp combos and utilising his jab well to keep Sexton at bay. Sexton had promising spells but all round Chisora looked the more hungrier fighter of the two and it was showing in the ring.

The 2nd round was virtually identical with Sexton throwing some nice combos in spells but Chisora doing just that little bit extra to keep his nose infront.

The 3rd carried on in similar fashion, both fighters trading well, with Chisora again proving to be the sharper and hungrier of the two.

The 4th round was when Sexton really started to come into the fight. He threw more combos than Chisora and looked like he actually wanted to win the fight. Sexton’s round but stats at the end of the 4th showed Chisora had landed more punches overall.

The fight went quiet at the mid rounds with both fighters showing signs of tiredness. Sexton yet again showing promising spells but like the previous spells, he couldn’t maintain his assaults for long. Chisora was looking the more eager to push through his fatigue and make the fight his.

The end came in the 9th round, and in almost identical fashion to the first fight. Chisora threw a nice combo and had Sexton stunned, he backed him up to the ropes and tee’d off, landing a huge amount of left and right hooks flush on Sexton’s face. The referee had no choice but to step in and hand Chisora the 14th win of his career, and his second over Sam Sexton, and I can guarantee you, it felt a lot more sweeter winning this time around for Chisora!