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Michael Katsidis Statement

The boxing World was saddened by the news that the brother of Michael Katsidis, Stathi Katsidis,  recently passed away and the staff of ringnews24 would like to pass on there condolences to the family.

Many speculated that this would mean that the much anticipated clash between Michael Katsidis and Juan Manual Marquez, set for November 27th, would be off or at least postponed.

The Australian boxer has released the following statement confirming that the fight will indeed go ahead as planned.


Michael Katsidis Statement 
Australian Warrior will fight on November 27

I have lost my closest friend, my inspiration in life, my one and only brother. This is something I could never imagine, but for some reason I feel his life is not a loss. My brother is me! We live our lives through each other. We dedicate our triumphs to one another and share the challenges we face in life. What does someone do when they lose the one person in their life like this? They are devastated right? Allow me to share with you Stathi’s thoughts and what he wants. If you can believe me, I feel you will all be somewhat enlightened to hear what I have say.

The fight will go on! I will do this for Stathi, my family and myself. The moment I walked in for a grueling sparring session after hearing the news of his death earlier that day, my trainer Brendon Smith shook my hand and said to me “you are about to take the bravest step of your life.” We nodded, smiled and went to work. I worked as I have never done before. He is with me and will be all the way. I am happy about this.

I have never experienced anything like I felt that day. Stathi is inside me! We will fight this fight together. I know this is what he wants.

I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers for my brother, my family and myself. God bless.

Michael Katsidis