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The good members of Budweiser Boxing forum submitted their picks for the Worlds Top 5 Jnr. Lightweights. The voting was organised by member edsel77x.

Each week a new division will be chosen and the members will submit their Top 5. If you are not a member of the forum please feel free to join and post your picks in the topic.

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Here are the votes as submitted by the members.


1. Ricky Burns
2. Roman Martinez
3. Takashi Uchiyama
4. Jorge Solis
5. Mzonke Fana



I had Martinez as my #1, so I guess I gotta give it to Burns and put him on top now, even though I have to wonder since I’ve only seen him the one time. Someone sent me some links to some of his other fights , but I haven’t watched them yet.

1. Ricky Burns
2.Roman Martinez
3. Mzonke Fana
4. Takashi Uchiyama
5. Tie Vitali Tajbert and Jorge Solis


1. Ricky Burns
2. Mzonke Fana
3. Roman Martinez
4. Jorge Solis
5. Takashi Uchiyama



i still think Martinez just had an off night

wasn’t the same fighter i saw destroy Nicky Cook

1.) Ricky Burns
2.) Roman Martinez
3.) Jorge Solis
4.) Mzonke Fana
5.) Takashi Uchiyama

very weak division though


1. Takashi Uchiyama
2. Ricky Burns
3. Mzonke Fana
4. Jorge Solis
5. Roman Martinez

I put the top 2 in their places because of recent results alone.
Fana would have been top if it hadn;t been for his loss to Baloyi and Solis is on the slide, despite his loss to Cruz being a bit controversial and somewhat discounted in my opinion.
Martinez would have been the #1 also if he hadn;t suffered a fairly lopsided defeat to Burns.

All pretty close in the division, although noone in particular stands out, and the fact that Burns, who wouldn’t have been in most people’s UK top 10 fighters a couple of months back, being near the very top of the world level in his division off the back of a single win, tells it’s own story.


1. Ricky Burns (WBO)
2. Mzonke Fana (IBF)
3. Roman Martinez
4. Jorge Solis (WBA Interim)
5. Takashi Uchiyama (WBA)




1.Uchiyama (the class act in the division)
2.Burns (Gritty, and now being given a chance)
3.Jorge Solis
4.Jorge Linares (if he intends to fight here and not at 135)

Bit of a crap division tbh


Thank you to all who voted.

Next up the Jnr. Featherweights.

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