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The good members of Budweiser Boxing forum submitted their picks for the Worlds Top 5 Bantamweights. The voting was organised by member edsel77x.

Each week a new division will be chosen and the members will submit their Top 5. If you are not a member of the forum please feel free to join and post your picks in the topic.

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Here are the votes as submitted by the members.


1. Fernando Montiel 
2. Hozumi Hasegawa 
3. Yonnhy Perez 
4. Abner Mares 
5. Joseph Agbeko



1. Fernando Montiel (WBC, WBO) 
2. Anselmo Moreno (WBA) 
3. Yohnny Perez (IBF) 
4. Hozumi Hasegawa 
5. Volodymyr Sydorenko 

probably the best weight class in the sport right now, along with junior welterweight and featherweight. montiel is clearly #1, after his KO of hasegawa. perez and moreno are close, i gave it to moreno because perez’s draw against mares (which i thought he won). sydorenko’s fight with donaire could change things up quite a bit. 

just to show how deep this division is, check out some of the other players: Joseph King Kong Agbeko, Nehomar Cermeño, Vic Darchinyan, Nonito Donaire, Abner Mares, and Koki Kameda



1. Fernando Montiel 
2. Hosumi Hasegawa 
3. Yhonny Perez 
4. Anselmo Moreno 
5. Abner Mares



1.) Fernando Montiel 
2.) Vic Darchinyan 
3.) Yonnhy Perez 
4.) Abner Mares 
5.) Anselmo Moreno



1. Fernando Montiel (WBC, WBO) 
2. Nonito Donaire 
3. Anselmo Moreno (WBA) 
4. Yohnny Perez (IBF) 
5. Vic Darchinyan 

Not rated Hosumi Hasegawa as his next fight is at Featherweight.



1. Fernando Montiel 
2. Hozumi Hasegawa 
3. Anselmo Moreno 
4. Volodymyr Sydorenko 
5. Yonnhy Perez



1. Montiel 
2. Donaire 
3. Mares 
4. Perez 
5. Agbeko


Thank you to all who voted. Next up the Heavyweights.
Next up the Jnr. Featherweights.

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