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Book Recommendation: Tales from The Vault

One hundred of boxing’s greatest — but underrated and forgotten — classics are relived in a vivid and highly descriptive collection. Boxing history’s best brawls, shootouts, wars of attrition, sudden endings, controversies, upsets, comebacks and 
grudge matches are laid out over 10 chapters consisting of 10 fights each. Every match includes historical context, detailed fight action, strategic analysis, epilogues and official CompuBox punch counts, many of which will be seen for the 
very first time.

Many of boxing’s greatest champions are included yet one chapter is entirely devoted to pulsating undercard contests that rival the stars in terms of action and drama. This is a book that can be taken either in gulps or nibbles, for each fight is an entity unto itself. Whether you are a general sports fan who seeks to know more about “The Sweet Science” or a devotee of boxing history, this book by award winning boxing writer Lee Groves is for you.

About the author: 

Lee Groves is a longtime boxing fan who has been fortunate enough to turn his passion into his profession. The winner of three Boxing Writers Association of America awards, Groves wrote feature articles for Ring and KO magazines during the late 1980s and early 1990s and for MaxBoxing.com from 2005-2010. He has one of the largest private boxing video collections on earth, is an elector for the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame 
and is a member of ratings panels for Yahoo Sports and Ring Magazine. Groves recently joined the staff of BoxingScene.com and works as a writer, researcher and punch-counter for CompuBox, Inc. He currently lives in his hometown of Friendly, W.Va.



A Celebration of 100 Boxing Closet Classics 
By Lee Groves

You can buy the book, Tales from The Vault at Amazon and also here https://www.createspace.com/3418039