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Andre Direll – True Lies

By the truthseeker AKA Begbie from boxing asylum

On March 27 2010 Andre Dirrell was boxing beautifully against the undefeated Arthur Abraham in the second stage of the super six boxing classic,he had hardly put a foot wrong all night and with only a couple rounds to go was looking an easy winner.
But this is boxing and Dirrell suddenly seemed tired while Abraham, sensing this seemed to be re-energised and started attacking Dirrell with everything he had knowing only a KO could protect his undefeated record.
What happened next shocked fans the world over and was the beginning of a disgraceful conspiracy of deceit that would end up with Dirrells exit from the tournament due to neurological problems At the request of the mysterious Dr Shaw-Hi.
Today I expose Andre Dirrell!!!!!

“He is an actor” Arthur Abraham speaking about Dirrell told Showtime when asked about what had happened at the end of their controversial fight and now over seven months later,the laid back gentleman from Armenia doesnt back down from what he said and still insists that Dirrell was acting and he hardly struck him.
Im not going to talk much about the fight because we have all seen what happened and we all have opinions on it but I said from the moment it happened that Dirrell was faking and what has happened in the months since has only confirmed that I was right all along.

After ‘beating’ Arthur Abraham,Andre Dirrell was then scheduled to take on long time friend and former Olympic team mate Andre Ward on September 25 at a venue TBA.
Many people wondered how the fight would go down seeing as they were both such good friends and questioned whether they would really be able to put their feelings aside and ‘really go at one another’.
I was looking forward to this fight as both are very good boxers who brings lots of great skills to the ring so like everyone else I couldnt wait till September 25.
Then the problems arise,with only a few weeks away from the fight there are rumours floating around the web that both fighters are not in training camps because they dont know if the fight is happening on the 25th.
Apparently Ward wants the fight in Oakland(Surprise surprise) and Dirrell wants it in Detroit.Websites start saying that the Dirrell has said the fight is postponed because of the problems with the venue and then with all these rumours flying about Showtime basically confirm whats going on behind the scenes:

Showtime, the network behind the ongoing Super Six Boxing Classic, has issued legal letters to promoters Dan Goossen and Gary Shaw, advising both sides that their fighters, WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward and once-beaten Andre Dirrell, have to go through with their scheduled fight in the Super Six tournament, and gave both promoters three potential dates. Showtime, threatening legal action, directed both boxers to fight on either September 25, October 2 or October 9.
Shaw, who promotes Dirrell, said Showtime, per their letter, would hold both sides in “breach of contract” if the fight didn’t happen on one of the three date provided. And although Dirrell was quoted as saying that his fight with Ward “is being postponed,” Shaw is not aware of any official postponement.

Either one of these men or maybe both of them dont want to fight,seems strange seeing as they signed the contracts for the tournament over a year prior and both knew they would be facing each other eventually but hey they are good friends so maybe its hard knowing you’re going to have to punch your mates head in and potentially destroy ones bromance?
Finally the fight is re scheduled for Nov 27 with Abraham/Froch from Finland being shown on tape delay.
Still there is no confirmed venue but both men seem to be in training so it looks like the fight is finally going to happen right?
Behind the scenes as Showtime film their next episode of Fightcamp,Andre Dirrells co-trainer Leon Lawson Jr stupidly tells the camera that “Its not a guarantee we fight Ward next its NOT a guarantee,this is a business,we’re prizefighters not pride fighters.If they wanna dance then get the money right” while Andre tells the camera “I dont know why im in training right now as the fight is still being negotiated.We are the tournament so everythings gotta be right”.
The fight purses were negotiated when the six fighters signed their contracts over a year beforehand so why are Andre and his trainer saying the fight may not happen because basically they want more money when it was already agreed upon?

Really you can be as stupid as an inbred child and still you can see that Dirrell and his team at this point think the fight with Ward is massive and they should be getting more money for the fight.
But they have signed the contract and have to go through with the fight for the already agreed purse,or do they?
A Dirrell pull out because of unhappiness at the money offered would get him into all sorts of legal trouble as Showtime have his signature on the contract so what else can he do?
The only thing a greedy coward can do.

October 7 2010
Andre Dirrell pulls out of the Super Six boxing classic because of headaches.

A boxer getting headaches,who would have thought it?

Asked what Doctor he had visited,Direll looks left and right before scratching his neck looking desperate for someone to rescue him from his lies,just then someone tells Dirrell that the Doctor he went to visit was the family Doctor who goes by the name of Dr Shaw-Hi.
I mean seriously Dr Shaw-Hi?
Why not Dr Goosen-Hi? or maybe Dr Hennessey-Hi? Hell how about Dr Sauerland-Hi? Or if real brave Dr DiBella-Hi?

This story is more bogus than the dumb kid telling his teacher his dog ate his homework.
Dirrells grandfather obviously sensing that the reporters would believe 9/11 was an inside job over this BS quickly tells them that a lawyer will need to be present if they continue asking Dirrell questions about his ‘injury’ and the mysterious Dr Schaefer-Hi. Ooops I mean Dr Shaw-Hi.

Finally Dirrell is asked about the last time he had symptoms and after staring into space for a few secs eyes wide open looking like hes just witnessed a talking cat he finally says “Erm…probably about erm…probably three days ago”

This article is calling on Andre the actor Dirrell to come clean about the conspiracy to assassinate the good character of Arthur Abraham and fooling the boxing fans the world over.
I demand an apology to Mr Abraham and to the boxing fans for what you and your team have done to the sport we love and enjoy.
You have been exposed so now is the time to stop being a coward and accept your punishment.

Thank you.