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Goossen on Pacquiao v Mosley

Eight-division king Manny Pacquiao will fight on May 7, rather than, April 16, in an HBO pay per view televised bout from Las Vegas, likely against 39-year-old, five-time titlist “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Trainer Joe Goossen, who once worked with Mosley, believes Pacquiao-Mosley is a good fight.

“Shane is a very qualified guy and he’s got the right tools to give him a fight. We’ll see. Pacquiao is the worst guy to go against now. He’s pretty much unstoppable. Shane is a great man and a great person. He trains very hard. He has all of the right materials to be in this fight if not win this fight,” Goossen said to FanHouse.

Pacquiao was last seen in the ring on November 13 at Cowboys Stadium, where he dominated a much larger Antonio Margarito to win the vacant WBC junior middleweight title. Goossen expects Mosley to bring a much tougher fight to the ring.

“Margarito had no head movement. He was standing straight up. He wears a mask during training so his face swelled up after a couple of rounds. By Pacquiao’s own words, he had Pacquiao hurt a few times. If Mosley gets into a situation like that where he knows he hurt you, he’s going to follow up on it,” Goossen said.

“[Mosley] did pull out one of his great performances a few years ago against Margarito when Margarito was still Margarito. Shane is 40 now. That is never an advantage. Shane is still an exceptional athlete. I don’t think it’s an insult to say that Pacquiao is the favorite and should be. But again, Mosley is a very qualified guy. He seem to upset the apple cart more than not. I give him a good chance.”

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