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Lionel Rose; A Forgotten Champion…

As I began to follow this great sport, Japan’s ” Fighting ” Harada was already becoming a legend. He had won and then lost the World’s Flyweight championship to Pone Kingpetch. He then moved up to bantamweight and dethroned the seemingly unbeatable Eder Jofre to win that title. To prove it was no fluke , he again defeated the great Jofre. Harada was the ” King “.

Enter Lionel Rose… When this Australian entered the ring to face Harada he was a prohibitive underdog. Very few gave him a legitimate chance. Yet that night Rose put on a boxing clinic. He raked Harada throughout the match. He followed his fight plan perfectly. He counterpunched Harada silly.
Rose would wear a shaky crown. Many thought that he was the loser in his defense against the very capable Jesus ” Chu Chu ” Castillo. The verdict in Rose’s favor created riots.

He lost his crown to an all time great, Ruben Olivares. This was a one sided loss yet in defeat Rose proved his gameness.
Although he fought his way back to a title fight. He was defeated by Numata in a challenge for 130 pound title. After that he drifted into boxing oblivion.

The Lionel Rose that beat ” Fighting ‘Harada was a great fighter. As the saying goes; ” One fight does not make a fighter” . Oh, that is so true… But in Rose’s case is it?

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