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Devon Alexander vs Tim Bradley – The Preview

Coming off the back of a very disappointing year for boxing, 2011 kicks off with a bang as two of the kings of the light welterweight division collide in an ‘undefeated’ unification clash for the WBC and WBO world titles, and the number one spot in the division. When combined their records stand at 47- 0, an impressive figure for two young, hungry fighters who have steadily rose to the very peak of the sport.

The one problem I do have with this fight however is the choice in venue. For some strange, unapparent reason, they have decided to stage this fight at the Silver dome in Pontiac, Michigan. It may not have sold out a place like the MGM or The Garden but ticket sales would have done well, better than reported for Michigan anyway. St Louis would of sold out, no doubt about it, but then you have to look at the view that it could be biased towards Alexander hosting it in St Louis. A strange decision to say the very least.

The best thing that will come of this fight is that it will set up a fight between the winner and WBA champion Amir Khan, the other world title holder in the division. Hopefully the IBF will chuck their vacant belt into the equation and make the fight one to determine who the undisputed world champion of the 140 pound division really is.

This fight is intriguing, not just because it will determine the number one fighter in the division, but also because it’s such a good mix of styles. You have Bradley who is probably the better boxer of the two but then you have Alexander, who is more than capable of boxing when he needs to, but also possesses the better power of the two.

When you compare their records there isn’t much separating them, Bradley has names like Junior Witter, Kendall Holt, Miguel Vazquez, Nate Campbell and Lamont Peterson. Whilst Alexander has the likes of Junior Witter, Juan Urango and Andreas Kotelnik. You could say this is the acid test for both of them, the career defining fight.

My prediction for this fight, although slightly biased as I’m a huge Devon Alexander fan, is one that I believe will happen. I pick Alexander to stop Bradley late on. Take nothing away from Bradley, he’s a fine boxer and has great heart, but he’s been down in the past against Kendall Holt, and my thinking is that if Holt can send him to the canvas, then so can Alexander.

A lot of people are predicting a Bradley stoppage in the fight but I really cannot see that happening. Bradley hasn’t gone less than 12 rounds since 2007 and hasn’t actually managed to stop or knockout anybody of note, and add to that Alexander is as tough as anybody Bradley has fought in recent years. The only way he can beat Devon in my opinion is by points, which is a big possibility as he probably just edges Alexander in terms of boxing ability.

The fight could go anyway which is the true beauty of this contest, Alexander could even win the fight on points, but i’m going to stick by my prediction. Bradley will win the earlier rounds on work rate and accuracy, but then Alexander will start to pick up during the mid rounds and force a late stoppage.

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