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HBO vs Showtime PPV I

March 12 is going to be a very interesting day for all us boxing fans.
Despite the highly regarded boxers that are fighting on separate cards and on separate media outlets, there will be two more entities competing against each other.
HBO vs Showtime. 
It would rightly be called contention or antagonism for viewers.
Who really wins?  What’s at stake?  What are the implications?
These are some questions I hope are answered at the close of the day March 12th.

The thing that really bothers me is the fact that (correct me if I’m wrong) Arum seems to think that the Cotto vs Mayorga fight should be a PPV attraction???
It might be?
I am a huge Cotto fan!  Mayorga too can be exciting and can bring about a very tough fight.  He does have the propensity to make it a brawl (what we all love to see).  However, all I can see is, despite his (Mayorga) best efforts, Cotto boxing his ears off.  Body shots taking a toll and making him look every bit the shot fighter that he is.  Mayorga’s last outing was nothing to write home about.
My thought on the whole ordeal is, if you’re going against HBO,  for the first time and for retribution, why not on regular Showtime?  Why not build on it just like you do with your stable of fighters?

Showtime came free with my cable subscription.  I am not going to fork over for HBO until there are a consecutive fights, at the very least one fight a month on HBO after Dark. So now, why, am I wanting to pay for a PPV fight when Manny Pacquiao (I still can’t spell his name lol) vs Floyd Mayweather is not happening????

I truly do not understand.

Given the attitude of the general public nowadays;
People are smarter with there money. ” Hell, I already pay for HBO and Showtime”, says Joe Public.  Why fork over for PPV when I can watch it later or at the bar.  Might the general public tune into HBO first and watch Showtime PPV event on a later date or get a copy from my mate?  Oh, then there’s streaming video?
Sounds like a lose lose situation for you Bob Arum.
How can a shrewd business man make the wrong decision on such a seemingly simple call.?
I know.  Letting your emotions dominate your thinking, which always causes you to make a rash decision that you’ll always regret. 
We’ll always have to allow room for error though.  I’m  all too sure that a man like Arum surely knows a lot more then I do.  He might have a trick up his sleeve or if the decision turns out to be not a great decision then he can always learn from it????

Either way, All my ranting and raving was merely for one simply and easily answered question…
“Who will you be tuning in to watch March 12th, HBO or Showtime PPV?”

I know where I will not be tuning into and even though March 12th will answer some questions, their will be more questions after the fact.

Be prepared for a bitter rivalry between the two media outlets to ensue if emotions continue to be involved…, and human nature dictates that it will.

“HBO vs Showtime I”


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