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If Manny Pacquiao beats Mosley, then Andre Berto Next?










There’s a chance Manny Pacquiao might get upset by Sugar Shane Mosley. If Shane catches Pacquiao the same way he caught Floyd Mayweather, he might not be able to stand against a big punch like that. Berto is going to be on the sidelines waiting too. He knows his time is coming close. If Shane beats Pacquiao, all it does is setup another super fight with Berto which was suppose to happen last year anyway.

No matter how you look at it, Berto is somewhere in the line up. The difference between Berto and Shane is youth. Fans don’t want to admit that Berto is a younger Shane. Pacquiao knows this though. Pacquiao and Roach both know that Berto is just as fast him and that he is quick on his feet too. Berto has always been questioned about his chin when he fought Collazo but the truth of the matter is, Collazo would give anyone problems at 147lbs. At least with Berto, the Pacman can say he is facing a young undefeated champion.

Pacquiao, Berto, Shane all sound good. These will be blockbuster fights for 2011. Arum has made it very very difficult to have a match with Floyd Mayweather by moving Pacquiao to Showtime. Floyd is a HBO fighter. What was Arum thinking? Ah… I know, screw Showtime and HBO because he can have his own PPV. I don’t really think that Koncz and Arum are looking out for Pacquiao’s best interest. I mean how much money is being split up with everyone? I seriously doubt that Manny is walking away happy. If I was a betting man, If I was a betting man, I would say either 40-50% of his check when it’s all said and done.

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