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Post Fight Thoughts

Late P.F.T…,

Nonito Doniare did what he came to due.  That was to utterly destroy his opponent!

What a shocking performance he gave.  Impressed, is a total understatment.

Fernando Montiel was a two belt holder (not that that means anything nowadays) and supposedly tough opposition for a man moving up in weight.  After reading all the reviews and predictions, I myself thought that this would be a good test for the young pinoy.  Fat chance.  The veteran, who was actually a pretty good fighter got BLOWN out of the water.

Well, not much too analyze here, He came, He saw, He conquered…, In convincing fashion!

Regardless of what happens next, I am totally sold by The Filipino Flash.  I am going to stand behind him and while I am standing there, all I will see is the tail end of a meteor!


Mike Jones, uh, keep fighting fringe contenders because I feel you were exposed.  That’s not a bad thing, only keep practicing.

(Post Fight Thoughts… from a novice)


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