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Are Floyd and Manny still #1 and #2 P4P?

Boxing fans love to argue over P4P lists. Despite begin completely subjective, these lists are quite useful in promotion of the sport. Most fans and journalists agree (or agreed…) that Pacquiao and Mayweather are the #1 and #2 (or vice-versa) fighters in the world, pound for pound.

However, with Manny fighting what many call “soft touches” within the confines of Top Rank’s stable and Floyd remaining largely inactive (in May it will be a year since the Mosley fight), have other fighters usurped Pacquiao and Mayweather on these mythical lists?

Nonito Donaire is coming off a knockout of very highly regarded unified bantamweight title-est Fernando Montiel and top five former title-est Sidorenko.

Sergio Martinez is coming off a dominating performance of almost universally #1 ranked 154lb’er Dzinziruk and an explosive revenge knockout of controversial conqueror and highly regarded Paul Williams.

The only other fighter consistent enough to be ranked within most people’s top 5 P4P is the great Juan Manuel Marquez, whose only blemish since the controversial split decision loss to Pacquiao is a shut-out loss against Mayweather two weight classes above his fighting weight.

…So, my questions are:

Are Pacquiao and Mayweather still the top fighters in the world?

Is Marquez still within reach of the top?

Are Martinez’s and Donaire’s positions justified?

Is there someone else that should be within the top 5?

And if Pacquiao, Mayweather, Marquez, Martinez, and Donaire are the top 5 fighters P4P, how do they rank?

Some P4P lists for reference:

1. Pacquiao, 2. Donaire, 3. Mayweather, 4. Marquez, 5. Martinez

Boxrec (3/16):
1. Mayweather, 2. Pacquiao, 3. W.Klitschko, 4. V.Klitschko, 5. Martinez

Dan Rafael, ESPN:
1. Pacquiao, 2. Martinez, 3. Mayweather

Nigel Collins’ Ring Magazine:
1. Pacquiao, 2. Mayweather, 3. Martinez, 4. Donaire, 5. Marquez

Yahoo! Sports:
1. Pacquiao, 2. Mayweather, 3. Martinez, 4. Marquez, 5. Donaire

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