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Pedraza Headlines in Second Fight!

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Pedraza Headlines in Second Fight!

The most highly anticipated professional debut in years in the boxing hotbed of Puerto Rico occurred last February when 2009 World Amateur Championships Lightweight Silver Medalist and former Olympian Jose Pedraza entered the paid ranks in impressive fashion.

Paired against countryman Felix Rivera, who went 68-5 as an amateur and was also making his debut, Pedraza ended matters at 1:25 of round one with a combination to the head and body.

The buzz about Pedraza and his potential for fistic stardom are already very loud. The 22-year-old received an impressive signing bonus to ink with his promotional trio of Gary Shaw Productions, Universal Promotions and DiBella Entertainment.

That is why in just his second pro fight, Pedraza will face Corbin Page (1-1) in the main event on March 29 installment of “Broadway Boxing” at the BB King Blues Club in New York City.

Given all the fanfare surrounding your signing and the way the media is already touting you as a major prospect, do you feel any added pressure to perform and perform well every time?

Sometimes, but I train well and prepare for all of my fights, so I can make sure that I live up to the expectations.

How does it feel to be making your US debut?

It feels great. It’s a great opportunity for me to show the world my talent. I can’t wait.

Let’s talk about your pro debut. Did it feel strange to lose the headgear?

No, it’s something that I have been preparing for all my life. To become a professional was my dream since childhood and it finally came.

You were matched fairly tough in your debut. You won impressively, but is that the plan: to match you tough all the way to the top?

In boxing, it is not good enough to win, you’ve got to impress and to win like I did in my debut was a great thing for me. My first opponent was strong, but I managed to do my work and win. I think that the quality of my opponents is always going to be high because of my amateur career. People think I’m a beast, but I actually am a normal man that goes to the gym everyday looking for way to provide for my family.

What are your greatest strengths as a fighter?

I think my greatest strengths are my movement and experience. I move to a lot of different angles and try to look for different openings — and my experience because I don’t get careless in the ring.

Will you ever move out of Puerto Rico?

I don’t think so. This is my island and these are my people. I will stay here.

Is there anyone you fought in the amateurs, maybe even lost to, that you’d like to meet again as a pro?

Not really. I would like to do my own thing and if we happen to meet again in the professional ranks, so be it.

Tickets for Broadway Boxing are on sale now through DiBella Entertainment, and start at only $55. Tickets can be purchased by calling DiBella Entertainment at (212) 947-2577.

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