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Haye says he’ll psyche Vitali out

David Haye, the British WBA heavyweight champion, has said in an interview that he will psych out Vitali Klitschko, signalling that he will destroy his brother, Wladimir.

“I am looking forward to that. I would love to see Vitali try his really serious, intense stare with me in the dressing room before the fight. I will totally use reverse psychology on him, and psych him out. I am looking forward to that moment, to watch his reaction when he sees how completely cool and confident I am. I am going to psych Vitali out very badly when that happens…I’ll look right into his eye and tell him that I am going out there to completely destroy his brother…to knock him out. And then I’ll tell Vitali the same thing is going to happen to him when I’m done with Vladimir. I am going to enjoy that moment. I want to see the look in Vitali’s eye when he sees that I have absolutely no worry. I am going to psych Vitali out, then do to his brother what I’ll do to him.”

There is still no word on a venue or even which brother Haye will be facing, yet, it seems from what he has said above that he should be facing Wladimir. After Vitali won his bout on Saturday in bizarre circumstances against Odlanier Solis, one would think that even Vitali would be ready to face the brash Haye in July, and that could very well happen yet.

One may think that Haye would fancy his chances against Vitali after seeing him being caught by Solis’s right hands in that first round rather easily, although it may take some doing from Haye to knock him out.

Many fans are now already booking for Germany for the demanded heavyweight fight, but it may be wise to hold off at the moment, given the history of how negotiations have taken their turns in the past.

Patience is a virtue here!

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