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Mosley starts twitter war with Pacquiao

Former lightweight and welterweight champion, Shane Mosley has attempted to start a twitter war with Manny Pacquiao ahead of his May 7th championship bout with the filipino.

It seems that the request of random testing, among other things, has got to Mosley as he slammed Pacquiao in a series of tweets:

Hey Pacquiao (@), I’m going to beat you so hard that you’re going to need botox just to take the worry off your face!

I need to tell the world how I feel about @ …no more Mr Nice Guy…. it’s


Forget … I got SUGARBLOOD. It’s

All the vitamins in the world is no match for my Sugar It’s

SUGAR is bad for your health – on May 7th Manny you’re gonna be SICK!!!

Just cause u have the bieber hair style doesn’t mean u can sing like him, NO WORRIES, Ill beat you and have you singing right…

Pacquiao deleted his account only one day after Mosley attempted to start his cyberworld war due to the 8 division champion being criticized for making comments about his absence during the House impeachment proceeding of Ombudsman Meceditas Gutierrez. It is doubtful that Pacquiao is even aware of these comments, however, he is bound to find out soon enough, not that they will likely rile him.

Because of the heavy criticism of the Pacquiao vs Mosley bout, one does wonder whether this is simply a marketing ploy to get more public interest. If so, it is hard to believe that this would achieve much in that respect, especially in regards to hardcore boxing fans, who know all the promoting tricks by now. Arum has more or less stated before that he gears Pacquiao’s fights toward the general public more than taking in the interests of fans, but what are the chances that the average joe would be interested in a boxer’s twitter wars? Not likely.

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