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Pascal: “Hopkins is a f****n cheater”

Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins spoke at a press conference for their May bout and Pascal confirmed there was no love lost between the two.

“You’re a f****n cheater! I know you are a thief so I’m giving them to you now but, after May 21st, they’re staying here. Are you willing to take a blood test for the fans and the rest of the world to prove you are clean? You’re from the same family as Shane Mosley. Are you willing to take the test?” Pascal stated.

Pascal handed Hopkins the title during at that point but the 46 year old just stared the Canadian resident down, only briefly looking like he was losing his cool as he shoved Pascal during one moment.  Hopkins confirmed that he would be willing to take any test required by the commission.

The video of Pascal’s eruption can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V94s4-tOXA

Has Hopkins got inside Pascal’s head? That’s what it seems like to this writer. However, there are many who think that Pascal’s mention of blood tests may have psyched out Bernard.

Whoever is riled the most, this is one of the most anticipated Bernard Hopkins bouts in a very long time! And that, to me, is most surprising of all. His punch and hold style doesn’t suit many fans but with his advanced age coming into play, and the fact that he could surpass George Foreman’s historical achievement of becoming the oldest boxing champion at 45, this is a bout that has captured the imaginations of many fans around the world.

Don’t miss it on May 21st!

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