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Boxing Quiz – Week 3/120

Test your boxing knowledge and increase your knowledge as the weeks go on

Go back in time and answer the mixed bag of questions about the fighters who fought during the bare-knuckle period in week one. As the weeks go on we will cover various years and fighters.

Answer the Questions – Here

Boxing Quiz – Week 1/120

1. In which year was Daniel Mendoza born. 1763, 1764 or 1965?
2. Ben Caunt was listed as how tall – 6 ft 2.5, 6ft 4, 6ft 5 ?
3. What was the nickname of James Burke- The Deaf ‘Un, The Silent ‘Un, The Strong ‘Un?
4. What was the nationality of Tom Molineaux – British, French or American?
5. Which fighter was known as The Napoleon of the Prize Ring – Tom King, Tom Sayers or Aaron Jones?
6. Over how many rounds did Jem Mace outpoint opponent Bill Thorpe on 17 February 1857 – 18,19 or 20?
7. True or False: Jem Mace was nicknamed The Gypsy?
8. Where in England was John Gully born – Bristol, Manchester or Liverpool?
9. True or False: John Gully spent a period of time in debtors prison?
10. Which fighter was known as The Benicia Boy – John Camel Heenan, Tom Johnson or George Meggs?

Boxing Quiz – Week 2/120

11. During the time James Figg set up an amphitheater where he instructed sports and staged contests, Wherewas the amphitheater located – Manchester, London or Liverpool
12. Which fighter was known as The Tipton Slasher – Harry Sellers, Jack Slack, William Perry
13. What was the real name of Tom Spring – Thomas Winter, Tomas Summer or Thomas Springton?
14. In which year was Tom Cannon born – 1778,1789 or 1770?
15. What was the nickname of Tom Cannon – The Great Gun of Windsor, The Great Gun of London or The Great Gun of Manchester?
16. In which year was John L. Sullivan born – 1858, 1859 or 1860?
17. What does the L stand for in John L Sullivan – Lionel,Lewis or Lawerence
18.What was John L Sullivan’s nickname – The Strong One, The Man of Iron or The Boston Strong Boy?
19. John L Sullivan was listed as how tall – 5ft 10.5in, 5ft 11in, 6 ft?
20. On 10 March 1888 John L Sullivan defended his bare-knuckle world heavyweight title against challenger Charley Mitchell, What was the result – Sullivan won by Ko in round 8 , Mitchell won by stoppage in round 12 or it was declared a draw after 39 rounds?

Round 3 – Whats is my fighting name?

21. Thomas Rocco Barbella (former world middleweight champion) – Rocky Graziano, Jake La Motta or Carl (Bobo) Olson?
22. Giuseppe Antonio Berardinelli (former world light-heavyweight champion) – Gus Lesenvich, Anton Christoforidis or Joey Maxim?
23. William J Breslin (former world welterweight champion) – Jack Britton, Mike Glover or Pete Latzo?
24. Judah Bergman (former world light-welterweight champion) – Mushy Callaghan, Jack (kid) Berg or Johnny Jadick?
25. Arnold Raymond Cream (former world heavyweight champion) – Ezzard Charles, Joe Louis or Joe Walcott?
26. Rafelle Capabianca Giordano (former world welterweight champion) – Young Corbett III, Tommy Freeman or Jimmy McLarnin?
27. Gerardo Gonzalez (former world welterweight champion) – Marty Servo, Kid Gavilian or Fritzie Zivic?
28. Franciscio Guilledo (former world flyweight champion) – Pancho Villa, Fidel LaBarba or Albert Frenchy
29. Johhny Gutenko (former world bantam weight champion) – Pete Herman, Joe Lynch or Kid Williams
30. Johnny Francis Hagen (former world light heavyweight champion) – Philadelphia Jack O’Brien, Jack Dillon or George Gardner?

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