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Lemieux vs Rubio report: When a dream turns to a nightmare

When a dream turns to a nightmare

Young boxer David Lemieux (25-1-0-24KO) lost his first professional fight against Marco Antonio Rubio (50-5-1-43KO) at Bell Center in front of his hometown crowd. Lemieux began the first round by studying his opponent. Half a round later, he was already doing what he does best: throwing hard and vicious punches. Rubio seemed nervous and anxious. Lemieux ended the round with a little blood coming out of his nose. 10-9 Lemieux.

Round two was the same, Rubio was trying to hit Lemieux but ended hitting the gloves. Lemieux dodged pretty well. It was an easy round for Lemieux. 10-9 Lemieux

Round three: Lemieux again was the instigator but Rubio connected with a big back hand at the end of the round but not enough to win the round. 10-9 Lemieux

Round four: Lemieux was throwing a lot of combinations and was really testing Rubio’s chin. The Mexican did not seem to know what to do to hit the fan-favourite of the night. 10-9 Lemieux

Round five was pretty much the same as round four. Rubio was throwing wide punches, softly counter attacking. Lemieux threw beautiful combinations at the end of the round. Lemieux was winning that round, the other rounds, the fight and the #1 contendership. It was a perfect night.

First half of round six, Lemieux was continuing his domination. But two back hands from Rubio in his opponent’s face changed the situation. Rubio dominated second half of the round and the sixth round was his first winning round.

Round seven: Lemieux was in trouble. Rubio was hitting hard and found holes in Lemieux’s defence. A strong right hand knocked Lemieux down. Referee Marlon B Wright gave him a count and he chose to continue. Not for very long because Rubio was beating him badly when Russ Anber waved at the referee to stop the fight. The crowd was shocked.

In press conference, Anber said “It was the only thing to do.” Lemieux had tears in his eyes and had a swollen (and probably fractured) right orbital bone, but vowed “I’ll be back and stronger”.

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