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Exclusive Ringnews24 Interview with Guillermo Rigondeaux

Ringnews24 caught-up with Boxing Sensation Guillermo Rigondeaux

Hi Guillermo, on behalf of RingNews24.com and our readers, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. As well as our own, we have included questions provided by fans on the RingNews Forum.

We hope our readers enjoy the interview


Undefeated Boxing star Guillermo Rigondeaux speaks with ringnews24.

Ringnews24.com: Given your obvious Amateur pedigree you were expected to run straight to the top of your division which you have. But how hard was the actual transition in regards to the style of your boxing. How hard was it to adjust to throwing to the body more for example, and the differences between the amateur and professional side of the game?

Guillermo Rigondeaux: “I knew my amateur record was pretty good but I never had it in my mind that the pro style was going to be easy. I knew it was hard. Being the best is what I had in mind, I also have heart so I guess that’s what made me become who I am because without that you can’t get where you want be. Throwing to the body is always been with me. I stop and hurt people that way before I turned pro. I guess because I’m so fast and strong, plus you wear 8 oz. gloves.”

Ringnews24: What do you think separates you from your competition, What makes Guillermo special in your eyes?

Guillermo Rigondeaux: “People that follow boxing and know boxing, they know how good my technical skills are and some people can’t follow that in the ring.”

Ringnews24.com: What do you hope to achieve in the rest of your career and do you have a time scale to reach your goals?

Guillermo Rigondeaux: “I want to be the very best. I want to be talked about and be watched for many years. Just look at Duran, Ali, Leonard, Trinidad. They will always be talked about and I want to be that too.”

Ringnews24.com: What weight division do you think you will finish your career in?

Guillermo Rigondeaux: “I don’t know what weight class because I’ve been at this weight for 15 years. I’m 30 so I can’t get bigger, so let’s see in the future, but I do want to have more than four belts.”

Ringnews24.com: Who do you think will win between Gamboa vs Lopez?

Guillermo Rigondeaux: “Gamboa will knockout Lopez.”