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Carry on: To Long (Fighters who can’t stop)

The ability of many a boxing legend to say ‘No more’, is this one of the major consistencies of our beloved sport? From James. J Jeffries in the early birth of the sport who was talked out of a six year retirement to attempt to dethrone the dominant figure of Jack Johnson to Jack Johnson himself who fought on into his forties we see this trend continue for the next eight decades, whether it be the self proclaimed greatest himself in Muhammad Ali continuing on far past his best when most thought he’d given the fans enough and taken enough punishment in the final installment of his Trilogy with Joe Frazier. To the Modern day where we have numerous modern legends continuing on longer than they need to, Roy Jones Jr, Eric Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and Bernard Hopkins to name a few, The question on the lips of most is ‘why?’

Why do they need to continue? Why do they want to? All of these men have proven their worth and more in the ring but cannot seem to walk away. There are many reasons to continue; money, pride, belief and delusion.

Morales has recently proved that he can still operate at the top level but is this just a false dawn, a smoke screen perhaps? We often say that every fighter has one great fight left in them; this does not necessarily mean that they win that last great fight and perhaps this serves their continuation in the sport as they think they can deliver such a performance again and again. Many within the sport expressed concern when it was announced Morales would be climbing between the ropes with a noted puncher such as Maidana, and it is my worry that this fight has served both fighter and fan with false confidence that there is still enough of the Morales of old to win a world title again, but where would this lead? More fights and more cumulative damage.

Roy Jones Jr a fighter who relied on speed, agility and reflexes continues to fight on, but his greatest assets are now all but gone. It is hard to see why he continues to fight as most recognize there is no chance of him ever regaining one of the major world titles.

Hopkins is the exception to the rule but there is a reason for this, the fighters with longevity are those who don’t get hit often, fighters who show great defensive ability can win with the old adage ‘hit and don’t get hit’ which is often the mantra of Hopkins. The Klitschko brothers also prove the rule that defence if the key to longevity in this sport.

We have these legends of the sport and often we as fans question their reasons to continue fighting, we suggest that they should turn to training, promoting or simply to an easy retirement but they keep fighting striving to recapture the glory, the achievements and the money of their prime. The problem for all on the outside looking in is our inability at times to save them from their selves and also out inability to find justifiable reason to do so. As we have seen recently with Morales performances of old can be dredged up from the past and repeated maybe not quite implemented as successfully before but with some success, and it is reasons such as this that we cannot write these fighters off. Opinions we had last month have now been altered this month. It is incredibly difficult to predict when that one fight too many will come and whilst they are still winning or at least being competitive they will continue to fight on.

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