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‘Redemption Day’: A review

Graham Earl Promotions presented a good night of boxing at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday when Southern Area cruiserweight champion, Leon Williams knocked out Danny Couzens in the 4th round and Daniel Cadman beat Paul Morby in an exciting 10 rounder, also for a Southern Area title, in the super-middleweight division.

Couzens was doing well, using his lateral movement to avoid the power shots from Leon Williams, who was relentless in walking him down. Couzens used his jab and popped off short power shots while moving around, but unfortunately in the fourth he found himself in the corner, and Williams landed a big right hook to the head to floor and knockout Couzens. It took a couple of minutes for Danny to recover, but thankfully he did.

Despite the two fighting to a draw last time out in January, Paul Morby looked uncomfortable and bemused when Daniel Cadman beat him on points. The bout started at a fast pace but Cadman appeared the more dominant of the two, scoring eye catching right and left hooks on Morby. By the fifth, fatigue set in for Cadman as he lost his rhythm a little, and the boxers began clinching which forced referee, Ken Curtis to warn them to tidy it up a little.

In the sixth, the fight began to slow down but Cadman piled on the pressure when he landed a left hook to the head near the end of the round. Cadman had Morby on the ropes and tried to go for the knockout but Morby began swinging back. Curtis warned Cadman for pushing Morby to the canvas, as he had done in the seventh, and again tried to knock out Morby near the bell. Morby was wobbled by a left hook to the head in the eighth and this made Cadman turn up the heat again but failed to get what he wanted, as a tired Morby used every last reserve to attempt to give as good as he got.

In the last round, the tenth, Cadman tried one last time to get a knock out by raining down punches on Morby, and almost got one when Morby was rocked all over the ring, but he managed to hear the final bell.

Daniel Cadman became the new Southern Area super-middleweight champion by a score of 98-95.

Former ABA 2005 champion, Michael Grant, from Tottenham, made a return to the ring after losing to Steve Williams for the British light-welterweight title in 2010, with a points win over Danny Dontchev. Sporting a robe dedicated to legendary pop singer, Michael Jackson, Grant had a slow start as he was caught with a sharp right and left hook to the head in the first round. Dontchev was warned for head butting in the second and Grant responded by putting pressure on his opponent. In the third, Grant rocked the Bulgarian with a right hook to the head near the bell. In the last round, the fourth, Grant peppered Dontchev with left hook’s to the head and body, and both were warned about butting. Grant was awarded the victory with a 40-36 points lead. Dontchev, clearly exchausted, took a tumble down the ring steps as he was exiting, but thankfully he was okay.

Victories came for Sam Couzens, Terry Holmes, Mark Ginley, Joe Hillerby, Sam Standing and Emmanuel Ohsunrinde to round out a pleasant evening.

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