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Robin Deakin chats with Ringnews24

Presents an Interview with Boxer Robin Deakin

Hi Robin, on behalf of RingNews24.com and our readers, thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

We hope our readers enjoy the interview

Ringnews24.com: Robin, first of all, I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity! You have been in the ring with a number of recognizable British talent, so it must be a privilege for you in a way?

Robin Deakin: It’s such a privilege. I have been in with the best, to be honest, its great they’re all turning into great champions!

Ringnews24.com: What made you decide to take up boxing as a career?

Robin Deakin: My dad got me into boxing and he was my role model, he is a tough man a very tough man, I wanted to be just like him! At first i wanted to strengthen my legs up and i was being bullied, really. Bullying knocked my confidence untill I went to the gym!

Ringnews24.com: What is going on with your boxing career as of now? Can you tell everyone when, where and who against that you will be fighting next?

Robin Deakin: I’m fighting against John Downie, only that he has had 3 and won all of them. But I am training with John Peg and Lenny Woodhall in Birmingham now so am going to try my best to get back on track!

Ringnews24.com: You have fought Kevin Mitchell’s brother, Vinny Mitchell, twice in your career. What do you think about Kevin’s recent troubles? And do you think he can get his career back on track?

Robin Deakin: I wouldn’t like to comment on Kev’s recent troubles. I’m friends with him, and its not my business but I hope its all sorted and he is ready for his next fight! I wish him and John Murray all the best.

Ringnews24.com: Frankie Gavin is fighting Young Mutley at the 02 arena on May 21st. How do you see that one panning out?

Robin Deakin: Listen, Frankie is my best mate, I will be biased and very truthful, Frankie Gavin will take Young Mutley to school and will take him out in 4-6 rounds. I bet in 16 months he would beat Amir Khan! Khan is great, but Frankie is the next best thing. Amir khan is boring old news now. Its about the new beginning and that is Frankie Gavin and James Degale.

Ringnews24.com: Can you give us your opinion on the Degale vs Groves match?

Robin Deakin: James Degale will stop George in 6-8 rounds, he’s too clever but I wish George all the best.

Ringnews24.com: Are there any up and comers that you would love to get in the ring with?

Robin Deakin: I have my eyes on fighting Harroon Khan as I would love to be the bloke to smash him on his debut! Harroon Kahn is living on his brothers name he ain’t bad but I would love to beat him on his debut!

Ringnews24.com: We all know that boxing carries with it a certain degree of risk in terms of health, but what do you say to those that call for a ban on boxing?

Robin Deakin: There’s a certain degree of danger to all sports. It’s just as dangerous as stepping out your front door in this day and age!

Ringnews24.com: Lastly, I just wanted your opinion on whether you think boxing is still thriving as a sport, or whether you think it is heading for trouble?

Robin Deakin: Boxing is being brought down because of the lack of publicity. If boxing had as much publicity as football then it would be massive. Also, there’s not much coverage on main stream television and Ticket prices are a lot nowadays for people. It’s the economy!

Robin, it’s been great talking with you! Thank you!


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