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Interview: Bobby Gladman Talks About His Upcoming Appearance in Prizefighter.

On paper the upcoming Prizefighter – Welterweights II looks set to propel either former WBC World Light Welterweight Champion Junior Witter or former IBO World Light Welterweight Champion Colin Lynes back onto the World stage – although saying that with eleven out of his twelve previous outings being championship bouts, including having fought Victor Puiu for the WBC International Silver Welterweight title in February this year, Junior Witter is well and truly a current big player on the Championship circuit.

However, the excellent Matchroom Sports promoted series also has a habit of creating new stars, with the winner often gaining a title shot within a short while of lifting the coveted trophy. A prime example of this is the recent British Light Middleweight title fight between Sam Webb and former Prizefighter winner Prince Arron.

Prior to winning Prizefighter the nearest Prince Arron got to a title shot was to compete for, and win, the British Masters Middleweight title. But his sensational victories over George Hillyard, Bradley Pryce and Brett Flournoy at Prizefighter – Light Middleweights, in February ’10,  see him earn a shot at Sam Webb’s crown – oh and of course Prince Arron win in spectacular style.

Come June 7th, we could well see another lesser known fighter upset the apple cart and lift the trophy, as well as rocket up the rankings to earn a future title shot.

There are a few candidates for this role, Yassine El Maachi, John Wayne Hibbert, Peter McDonagh, Nathan Graham and Bobby Gladman. – I know I didn’t mention Kevin McIntyre but as a former British Champion I place him right up there with Junior Witter and Colin Lynes.

Anyway, back to where I was. What potentially makes Prizefighter – Welterweights II the best of the series yet is that each of those named has the potential, and more importantly the experience, to cause a massive upset, even bigger than Prince Arron’s victory in the Light Middleweights.

Late last week I caught up with one of these potential upset merchants, Cheshunt’s unbeaten Bobby Gladman, at his training camp at the TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town.

Before I get onto the interview here is a brief boxing bio on Bobby.

Bobby turned pro just over two years ago, in April ’09, and gained his first win at the expense of Birmingham journeyman Karl ‘Plug’ Taylor by a shut out 60-54 points margin.

Just under two months later Bobby took on William Warburton at York Hall. A cracking close battle ensued, Bobby was well and truly tested throughout but came through with flying colours to secure his second win by a close 39-38 points margin.

The start of the new season see Bobby back in action against super tough Kristian Laight. After another hard battle Bobby secured his third win by a 40-37 points margin.

In November Bobby traveled to the Troxy in Limehouse, where another war ensued – this time against Barnstaple’s Jimmy Briggs – and another points victory.

Bobby’s final fight of ’09 see him take on Birmingham’s Andrew ‘Paddy’ Patterson at the Colosseum in Watford. After six hard fought rounds referee Dave Parris scored the bout 59-56 in favour of Bobby.

It wasn’t until June ’10 that Bobby got some ring action. St Albans’ unbeaten Danny ‘The Devil’ Murphy made the short trip to Bobby’s home town of Cheshunt and gave him another serious test. Once again Bobby came through a six round war to secure the win by a close 58-57 margin.

A full six months later Bobby rounded of the year against Tooting based Bulgarian Danny Dontchev at  the excellent ‘Judgement Day’ event at York Hall, an event I covered – my report read:

‘The opening fight of Judgement Day was Light Middleweight contest between Bobby Gladman and Danny Dontchev. Gladman showed some serious class to keep the lively Dontchev under control, after a close first round Gladman found his range and totally dominated the middle two rounds. Dontchev came on hard again in the final round and although enjoyed some success Gladman landed the more meaningful shots to secure a tidy 39-37 points victory.’

Bobby’s last fight, against Matt Scriven, featured at the ‘Return of the Mac’  event, in Newmarket on the 30th April, which I also covered – below is my report.

‘On paper this looked a no brainer as Scriven’s record shows his last win was twenty fights ago. Saying that Scriven is known as a tough battler who always comes to fight.

There wasn’t that much action in the first round as both the protagonists seemed to be feeling the other. The second round on the other hand was a totally different affair.

From the opening bell Scriven went on the attack, forcing Gladman to utilise his jab in an effort to thwart ‘The Scrivs’ many forceful forays.

Round three see a total turn around, instead of just using his jab Gladman started to counter with heavy hands each time Scriven let rip. In the first minute Gladman let rip with a big right hand that clearly shook his opponent. However Scriven seemed undaunted by this and just stepped up the pace. Another close round, one I felt Gladman had done just enough to win.

The final round was another punch fest, Scriven did the more work, whilst the clearly tiring Gladman landed the more telling shots. At the end of the bout  I feel  referee Mark Green was one hundred percent correct declaring the bout a draw.’

So there we have it, Bobby’s fight record to date, so now to the interview.

Rio – Thank you for talking with me today, please tell the readers your thoughts on the Prizefighter series

Bobby – Well, it’s a jumping stone, it’s a good little competition. If you win it you’re up there aren’t you. It’s a good thing, it’s on Sky live.

Rio – OK, we’ll move on to the fighters now – first up give us your thoughts on Junior Witter.

Bobby – Yeah I know about Junior Witter, he’s been about. I think he’s past his sell by date but we’ll see on the night.

Rio – Next up is former IBO World Champion Colin Lynes, who also trains here at the TKO Gym.

Bobby – I’ve watched the videos of Colin Lynes, don’t know too much about him. He’s a twelve round fighter, very fit. We’ll see what he’s got on the night.

Yeah he does train here, not at the same time though. We’ve got different trainers.

Rio – Another former Champ is next, Kevin McIntyre

Bobby – He’s southpaw, Scottish, been about. He’s 33 years old. I’ve watched videos of him to see what hes about and that. Nothing special about him.

Rio – OK, next in line is current International Masters Champion Yassine El Maachi

Bobby – Don’t really know anything about Yassine El Maachi, except that he throws a lot of punches. Another southpaw, strong, keeps coming forward. We’ll see what he’s got on the night.

Rio – Next up is John Wayne Hibbert

Bobby – I’ve watched John Wayne Hibbert box in the amateurs, so I know quite a bit about John. He’s not a bad little boxer, moves well, but we’ll see what he’s got on the night.

Rio – OK, next on my list is Peter McDonagh

Bobby – Peter McDonagh, right. An Irish warrior, as they say. That’s all I can say about him really, there’s nothing too special about him. He comes forward and he’s got a good heart, that’s about it.

Rio – the final one is Nathan Graham

Bobby – I know nothing about Nathan Graham, never heard of him, never seen him. I’ll have to look him up on YouTube and see what he’s about. Other than that we’ll have to see what he’s got on the night.

Rio – What type of training are you doing to prepare for Prizefighter?

Bobby – I do pads with Johnny Eames, started sparring now, do a circuit with Barry (co-trainer Barry Smith) or do a circuit with Johnny, depending on what time I get in. Training’s going all right at the moment.

Rio – You said you just started sparring, who have you been sparring for this?

Bobby – I’ve sparred with a geezer called Sam (Sam Standing), Daryl (Daryl Setterfield) and today with an amateur southpaw called Faheem. It good sparring.

Rio – Due to the format of Prizefighter – 3 rounds, then if you win a short rest, then the next three rounder etc. How do you think this is going to affect you?

Bobby – After doing the first three rounds I think I can recover quick enough to do the next three rounds and then easily recover again to do another three. It’s all about the recovery time really. That’s what I have been working on. It’s just like the amateurs really.

I wasn’t a bad amateur so we’ll see what happens on the night, see who turns up.

Rio – If you win the tournament that could lead to a title shot, which seems to be standard with Prizefighter these days – how does that motivate you?

Bobby – Yeah, I’m in it to win it, I’m not in it to be a loser. That title shot, Lee Purdy – I don’t think he’s all that, but he’s the Champion so he’s the one I’ve got to go to if I want to be the Champion. There’s quite a few good people in Welterweight at the moment, it’s looking lively.

Rio – finally is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

Bobby – Yeah, get down and watch it, it should be a good night. Loads of action and the winner at the end of it being me.

Prizefighter – Welterweights II, featuring Bobby Gladman, Colin Lynes, Junior Witter, Yassine El Maachi, Kevin McIntyre, John Wayne Hibbert, Nathan Graham and Peter McDonagh, takes place at York Hall, Bethnal Green in London on Tuesday 7th June 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Unreserved), £60 (Ringside), and £100 (VIP) are available now at www.tkoboxoffice.com or in person at the TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA or call 07960 850645

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